Isabella's Nightmare Essay

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Quemador. An herb most commonly found in the coldest parts of Antarctica. It reaches the small height of about four inches in height with thorns covering the hard, purple outside layer covering the useful herb. The actual herb is a fine orange-red powder easily mistaken as cinnamon. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, or the mouth. If in contact, immediately rinse and go to the hospital. Doses of this hazardous plant can cause a series of side effects including the following: nausea, headaches, itching, rapid heartbeat, abdominal pains, burning other living objects when in contact. After she read that she stopped reading. She found it. After six years she finally found the answer. She was stunned ...view middle of the document...

At one point an elderly woman walked up to Isabella, trying to help ease her pain, and was instantly cast dead. Her body dropped to the floor, burns covering every inch of her. After that, even Jax, who promised he would protect her from everything, kept his distance. Instead, the little eight year old Jax watched from the sidelines as his best friend and crush slowly burn to her death.
Slowly looking down, Jax whispers, “You could have died, Isa.”
Putting her flingers under Jax’s chin, she slowly lifted his eyes to meet hers and argued, “But I didn’t die, Jax. You have to understand. I’ll never be able to feel the warmth of skin below my fingertips, kiss my future husband, or even find a man who would marry a woman whom he could never touch. I’ll never know what it feels like to be loved, Jax.”
Jax didn’t respond. Instead, he looked away from her and off into space. While he stayed quiet because he didn’t want to share his feelings, Isabella thought it was because he didn’t care. She thought he had nothing to comeback with because it was unimportant to him, so she hid her tearing eyes and without showing her progress, left the stables.
The sun had risen and fallen three times since Isabella had last seem Jax. She couldn’t show her face knowing that her only friend had openly admitted to not caring about her. No one cares about me, she thought as she read.
The Quemador herb is very addicting. Once put in someone or something’s system, they often times cannot quit without dying. One of the only living humans who has taken Quemador is an elderly woman by the name of Joselina Garsalgo. As she read this, she got to thinking, Joselina Garsalgo. The name sounded familiar from her lips, ad at once she remembered. She was an elderly woman, at the old age of 92, who lived in their kingdom. Without permission from her father, Isabella opened her bedside table, the one that held her journal and the pendant passed down to her from her mother, and took out a piece of paper and an old ink pen. She then wrote a letter to Joselina, asking for her time and her guidance, but most of all, her help.
Ignoring the voices that played in Isabella’s head, she walked through the array of greens. They circled around her in excitement; the excitement to be let free. They’re free to sway and bend, to grow as tall as they please. As Isabella looked around, she could only wish she could be a tree.
Someone took a hold of her arm, King Desmond, her father. He led her by her sleeve-covered arm towards the figures moving their way. There were two of them, both quite big in comparison to her. Trying to get to their level, she stood up straight, but she kept her head down.
“Hello, hello,” her father announced in an overly happy voice, “welcome to our home! Please, come in, and make yourselves comfortable.”
Doing just as her father had told them to, the two males made their way to the castle and took a seat in the living room. While the older man seemed overly...

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