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1.0 IntroductionThe Internet is a network of networks that interconnects computers aroundthe world, supporting both business and residential users. In 1994, amultimedia Internet application known as the World Wide Web becamepopular. The higher bandwidth needs of this application have highlightedthe limited Internet access speeds available to residential users. Even at 28.8Kilobits per second (Kbps)--the fastest residential access commonlyavailable at the time of this writing--the transfer of graphical images can befrustratingly slow.This report examines two enhancements to existing residentialcommunications infrastructure: Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN),and cable television networks upgraded to pass bi-directional digital traffic(Cable Modems). It analyzes the potential of each enhancement to deliverInternet access to residential users. It validates the hypothesis that upgradedcable networks can deliver residential Internet access more cost-effectively,while offering a broader range of services.The research for this report consisted of case studies of two commercialdeployments of residential Internet access, each introduced in the spring of1994:· Continental Cablevision and Performance Systems International (PSI)jointly developed PSICable, an Internet access service deployed overupgraded cable plant in Cambridge, Massachusetts;· Internex, Inc. began selling Internet access over ISDN telephonecircuits available from Pacific Bell. Internex's customers are residences andsmall businesses in the 'Silicon Valley' area south of San Francisco,California.2.0 The InternetWhen a home is connected to the Internet, residential communicationsinfrastructure serves as the 'last mile' of the connection between thehome computer and the rest of the computers on the Internet. Thissection describes the Internet technology involved in that connection.This section does not discuss other aspects of Internet technology indetail; that is well done elsewhere. Rather, it focuses on the servicesthat need to be provided for home computer users to connect to theInternet.2.1ISDN and upgraded cable networks will each provide different functionality(e.g. type and speed of access) and cost profiles for Internet connections. Itmight seem simple enough to figure out which option can provide the neededlevel of service for the least cost, and declare that option 'better.' A keyproblem with this approach is that it is difficult to define exactly the neededlevel of service for an Internet connection. The requirements depend onthe applications being run over the connection, but these applications areconstantly changing. As a result, so are the costs of meeting the applications'requirements.Until about twenty years ago, human conversation was by far the dominantapplication running on the telephone network. The network wasconsequently optimized to provide the type and quality of service needed forconversation. Telephone traffic engineers measured aggregate...

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6255 words - 25 pages less than one second. ISDN provides a faster data transfer rate than modems by using the bearer channel (B channel of 64Kb/s). With multiple B channels, ISDN offers users more bandwidth on WANs than some leased lines. For example, ISDN Basic Rate offers a potential bandwidth of 128Kb/s by operating two 64Kb/s B-channels simultaneously. ISDN can provide a clear data path over which to negotiate PPP links.ISDN Design ConsiderationsWhen

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1344 words - 5 pages costs for ADSL systems will be sufficiently low that telephone companies will be able to match CATV pricing strategies, if necessary. However, telephone companies are already connected to the entire customer base. Even though, Cable companies are out performing ADSL companies, because they offer a faster, less expensive product to the consumer. With a few security precautions by the user, for example: Firewalls, Anti virus scans, Etc, cable modems are far more superior to ADSL, in this writer's opinion.Sources of information:1. Article - Cable Vs DSL By Daniel Tynan2. Forums.3. Cablevision - Internal training manuals.

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2655 words - 11 pages user would never get a "busy signal" as you do sometimes with telephone modems. Also the cost of the cable modems, especiall in LAN'S AND WAN's would be much lower. With telephone modems and ISDN connections, consumers are charged for every minute they are online. With a cable modem there is a flat, monthly rate, usually around $40 a month. THE DISADVANTAGES? Are there any disadvantages to this? Well there are a couple of minor disadvantages

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1430 words - 6 pages easier to research. The best option would be highest speeds of cable modems with back up DSL line. Decided against dedicated fiber lines, just didn't seem logical enough for the company. (I was trying to keep it realistic...) There are similar connections in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and Miami. With a similar set up would be useful in keep the networks in the United States would make documentation and fix ability of the networks

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8965 words - 36 pages types of devices that are specific to WAN environments. WAN switches, access servers, modems, CSU/DSUs, and ISDN terminal adapters are discussed in the following sections. Other devices found in WAN environments that are used in WAN implementations include routers, ATM switches, and multiplexers. These are described below.*<Tab/>A WAN switch is a multiport internetworking device used in carrier networks. These devices typically switch

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6239 words - 25 pages . However, the growth and security of the network is, and will continue to be constrained by the financial backing that the network is allotted.Cabling SpecificationsWhen building the CphoeniX Inc.'s network physically, the cabling contractor will need to comply to the checklist provided below:•Category 5E Cable used to connect all devices to central hub portsoUses Rj45 connectorsoCategory 5E cable segments do not exceed 100 meter in length

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