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Islam And America Essay

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Islam in America
The mention of the word Islam in the American soils evokes mixed reactions, especially after the September 11 attacks that left the American security agencies at the edge of confusion. Islam is equated to terrorism by most none Islam Americans. This is the general notion that was left in the minds of many westerners. Though not all Muslims who are terrorists, the people who are normally perpetuating in terrorist’s attacks purport to profess Muslim faith and often they are heard chanting “Allah Kubar” messages implying God is great after every attack. To the east, where Islam is well rooted, the case is very different in the sense that perpetuators of this act are regarded as heroes who were just conforming to the teachings of the Islam faith that demands execution of those who do not accept the religion. This phenomenon was initiated by Prophet Mohammed when he used to attack caravans and force people to convert to Islam ...view middle of the document...

There is no other way the Islamist extremists in the likes of Mujahedeen can be explained. America is multi-diverse and the same applies to the religious identities rooted there in.
Association of terror activities with Islam puts America in crossroads with this religion. The major problem is that Muslims are not ready to integrate to the changing dynamics of life and that they continue to make demands that are purely unreasonable. There is a lot of conservatism within Islam religion and people professing the faith do not question the ideologies embedded in the Quran. Quran is believed to have been given to Prophet Mohammed and nobody dares think the implications of the verses there in, but rather applies them at a literal meaning. Some of the aspects that bring a clash include obsession with the dress code and use of community language even on international platforms. Though not directly evident, it is felt that this kind of conservatism is an implication that irrespective of the country where Muslim find themselves, their loyalty is subscribed to ummah as demanded by the Quran. This is even why a staunch Muslim prays wherever he is facing Mecca. This is interpreted as total allegiance to ummah. Since time immemorial, incompatible values and interests between America and Islam make the two parties to continue pursuing struggle for power and world control. The introduction of the new world order was a big defeat for Islam and this is the main reason why America and the entire west is an enemy to the Islam faith. Islam condones democracy and rather advocate for application of Sharia Law in governance of the subjects found within the jurisdiction where this is found. There are no checks and balances to such a system.
In conclusion, the Islam and America have a long history and there seems to be no way the ideologies from both sides will converge. This is because the two parties are interested on the same thing which cannot be split and that is power and control. America fears that when this power slips of their hand, that is the end whereas the Islam feel that this is their rightful possession that was stolen from them with emergence of new order.

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