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Islam and Polygamy -

This is a topic which is widely discussed in the western world today in regard to Islam. What westerners cannot comprehend is why Islam allows Men to marry more than one wife, and therefore you find that the religion is constantly attacked because of this particular area.

A lot of people concentrate on this particular area, as an example when they look at the biography of our holy prophet they find that our Prophet more than one wife. Another question which arises is that the religion of Islam allows a man to marry 4 wives. Then why is it that the holy Prophet Muhammad had more than 4 wives?

With any subject that u look at in Islam there a specific condition regarding the subject. As an example when u look at polygamy there are conditions which refer to polygamy. There are laws to be understood. And it is not something that can be abused. One may argue that polygamy was abused in Islam. But the way the Quran introduced polygamy highlighted that there was a particular wisdom about it. And there were conditions that needed to be understood. That's why we find that polygamy is a topic that is not only historical but is also a topic which is contemporary. In the sense that both in the western world and the eastern world we find stories of polygamy which continue to come in the news. In Texas in 2007 there was a major incident regarding the church of the Latter day saints. This church is an offshoot of the Mormon school of Christianity. And it's a church which encourages its people to engage in polygamy. It says that a min a man should engage in for marriage is 3 wives. And salvation lies in marrying more than 1 wife. In the same church u see that they have a law. Known as the law of placement. Which is that the priest within the community would be guided by God as to who should marry who in the community? The idea given is that God reveals to the priest that, that female should marry that male. This was in the news. The Texas authority went into the church because that church also allows you to marry females who are underage. under the age of 18. They took 462 females who were minors but were able to engage in marriages. With people who had already been married .that's why in America the subject of polygamy in still a controversial one

Likewise u find that in the middle east you find that an incident occurred in Saudi 3 years ago. which was reported in al-shams newspaper. the paper had the headline that a person gets injured because of his second wife. This person was married to 2 wives. They would always fight with each other. The 2 wives. And they wouldn't stop fighting with each other. so he threatened them that if they continued to fight he would marry a third. his second wife did not take this two lightly. And she bit him on the nose. The newspaper stated that if u are going to treat ur women in this way then obviously she will not be happy.

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