Islam And The Present War On Terrorism

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INTRODUCTION1. Terrorism- expressed, as the indiscriminate use of force to achieve political aims is one of the major threats the world is facing in the new century. Definition of terrorism varies widely and is usually inadequate. The definition by United States Department of State says, "Premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against non-combatant targets by sub national groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience" . Unfortunately, for decades the freedom struggle of oppressed people has been termed as terrorism by the oppressor.2. In recent times, international terrorist activities are on the rise. However, the dominant Western media includes the Palestine movement against Israel and the Iraqi freedom movement against the occupier US forces as terrorist activities. On the other hand, Israel has killed Sheikh Ahmed Yasin and Abdul Aziz Rantisi of Hamas by targeting. However, this does not qualify as terrorism in the eye of the west! The long lasting Palestine problem in the Middle East has given birth a deep rooted hatred against the US and Israel among Muslims around the world. That has increased by US politics about Middle East and their continued presence in the Arab countries. The 9/11 incident and the attack that followed on Afghanistan and Iraq further alienated the Muslims against US. The western media and governments are misusing the term Jihad and trying to use this as a negative propaganda against Islam.3. Jihad in Islam does not mean killing innocent people indiscriminately. From the beginning of Islam Jihad continued to fight against oppressors and enemy of Islam. Islam says Jihad is not only by sword. Throughout the history of Islam, we see that Muslims went for Jihad when it became unavoidable to safeguard the religion or the homeland. In history, we can see, the enemy of Islam has caused havoc in their occupied territory, but there is no instance in the history that Muslims did massacre in the name of Jihad. In the name of Crusade, the Christians led by so called Richard the Lion Heart committed genocide in Jerusalem. Nevertheless, when Ghazi Salahuddin recaptured Jerusalem, he allowed the Christians and Jews to leave or stay in the country as they wish.4. Israel is born by uprooting the Palestinians from their motherland. Terrorist activities of the Jews against the British and the Arabs were at its pinnacle at that period . After 9/11, the US has attacked Afghanistan and Iraq in the name of fight against terrorism without any logical reason or proof for their argument. Moreover, the US president George W Bush termed the war on terrorism as crusade and termed the war on Afghanistan as Operation Infinite Justice . Who does not know that crusade was the war by Christians against the Muslims in the name of religion? They are placing their man at the helm in both the countries. Hamid Karzai was an advisor to UNICOL . The people nominated by the US lead the so-called Iraqi governing...

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