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Islam: Peaceful Or Corrupt? Essay

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How many suicide bombings take place every day in the world? Keeping in mind the war on terrorism, as people have named it, which has been going on for more then a decade now, is still at the top of many countries’ agenda. This issue, however, is affiliated with the religion of Islam that was once viewed by many as a peaceful religion. Islamic fundamentalism is the term used to describe religious beliefs seen as counseling a return to the “fundamentals” of Islam: the Quran and the Sunnah. Even though people think it is a waste of time to deal with the problem, the issue of Islamic fundamentalism should be approached with a strategic plan because these fundamentalists are causing the world to think that Islam is a corrupt religion and innocent people are dying everyday because of bombings.
“Islam has two meanings: Peace and submission to Allah (God). Muslims believe that Islam is the only true religion and that it was revealed by the Prophet Muhammad in Arabia in the seventh century. Pious Muslims attach themselves to the five pillars of Islam: 1) Acknowledging that there is no true god except God and that Muhammad is the Prophet of God. 2) Praying five times a day facing toward Mecca. 3) Giving alms to the poor. 4) Fasting in the month of Ramadan (the ninth month of the lunar year). 5) For those who are financially and physically able, making an annual pilgrimage to Mecca” (Ojeda).

There are many other guidelines of Islam. Those are apprehensive with regulations of diet, clothing, personal hygiene, business ethics, responsibilities toward parents, spouses, and children marriage divorce, inheritance, civil and criminal law fighting in defense of Islam, relations with non-Muslims, and much more. Muslims reside in areas all over the world. Majority of Muslims, however, are to be found in the Middle East and Asia. Islam is not a corrupt religion; as you can see, but, there are large groups and society’s that misinterpret the meaning of the Quran knowing what the actual meaning is. (Ojeda)
The Quran is a very beautiful book in rich, unchanged, original, Arabic text that consists of everything a Muslim needs to know about Islam. In all reality, a pious Muslim would never speak of violence for no reason. A person who would speak of violence in the name of God is a person that has been taught to believe that. This is not what the Quran says. The Quran specifically states that violence is hated by God. (Ojeda)
“Belief in the six articles of faith is required. Those are: 1) Belief in God. 2) Belief in the messengers and prophets of God. 3) Belief in the Revelations and the Quran (The Islamic Holy Book). 4) Belief in angels. 5) Belief in the Day of Judgment. 6) Belief in the ultimate power of God or God’s decree” (Ojeda).

Yet, it is important to recognize that not all Muslims are fundamentalists, and not all fundamentalists are terrorists. Terrorist attacks add, reasonably, to the western thoughts that all Muslims are anti-American...

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