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ЯПОНИЯСекреты успешного воспитания детейПервый секрет: «Сотрудничество, а не индивидуализм». Словом «икудзи» японцы обозначают воспитание детей и методы, используемые для наставления отпрысков на путь истинный и в полной мере отражающие то своеобразие культуры, под влиянием которой эти методы сложились.Современная японская культура уходит корнями в традиционную сельскую общину, в которой люди должны были помогать друг другу, чтобы хоть как-то сводить концы с концами. Сотрудничество, а не...

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Malcolm X Impact on the World

877 words - 4 pages streets. Malcolm began to make friends with drug dealers, thieves, and pimps. By the age of twenty, Malcolm was convicted of burglary, he then served seven years in prison. While in prison Malcolm, furthered his education. During his prison time, his brother Reginald would visit and discuss his recent encounters with the Muslim religion. His brother Reginald belonged to the religious organization the Nation of Islam. By the time Malcolm was

Types of Emotion Essay

1660 words - 7 pages ., & Winkielman, P. (2005). Emotion and consciousness (1st ed.). New York: Guilford Press. Ciccarelli, S., & White, J. (2010). Psychology (1st ed.). Harlow: Pearson Education. El-Nadi, S. (2014). Islam and Human Emotions. Retrieved 12 May 2014, from Elias, A. (2014). Hadith on Manners: Be merciful with children, respect the rights of

Should same sex married be legalized: Yes?

967 words - 4 pages states that same sex marriage should not be legalized because the definition and respect for the institution of marriage would be weakened. He concludes that the most sacred institution is marriage, it is created for the man and woman. Messerli (2014) explained that marriage is considered to be a bond between two people. According to Psychology Today (2014), the definition of marriage means practice of showing public, authorized, and lasting

polotics and religion

1993 words - 8 pages Whether it is a bomb going off in a market place, or the hijacking of an aircraft where innocent people are held at ransom to achieve political ends, we live in an age, where the manipulation and loss of innocent lives has become commonplace. Religion is used as a tool by the governments the elites class for their own interests. Politicization of religion is it good or bad can be seen in history. Pakistan was formed by politicizing Islam. Not

Stereotypes as a Propaganda Tool

1612 words - 6 pages Stereotypes as a Propaganda Tool Stereotypes as a Propaganda Tool As Americans go through a post-traumatic process after the September tragedies, most people are trying to analyze the entire situation to find out who is wrong and who is right. While media, politicians, and military leaders endlessly speak about the Taliban, Bin-Laden, Arabs, and Islam, we are making our conclusions based on what we hear. What an average American might

Viewing Terrorism through Social Psychology

1307 words - 5 pages and souls of their believers, it's not a huge jump to go from words of brotherhood and peace to commands of holy war and terror in the name of God. But while social psychology can explain the science, it cannot comprehend the faith, it is this faith that makes certain people so open to the change of attitude that leads to terrorism. Almost all religions have there basis in violence, Islam preaches the killing of infidels and Jesus said

The Language of Islamic Extremism towards an Automated Identification of Beliefs, Motivations and Justifications

1474 words - 6 pages clearly what terms will be traced, in what context and through what techniques. This study represents a shift to a distinct area of research, as the vast majority of corpus studies have focused not on the language of Islamic extremists, but on the rhetoric used to represent Muslims. Baker et al. (2013) examines uses of the word Muslim in the British Media; Salama (2011) explores how Wahhabi Islam and Saudi Islam are represented in the United

"Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature," in the July issue of Psychology Today Alan S. Miller

961 words - 4 pages In his article, "Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature," in the July issue of Psychology Today Alan S. Miller lacks evidence for the claims he makes. This article is an interesting read but hardly sound, if we pay attention to the facts. He is missing the key points when he claims that life is all about the interaction of experience, behavior, and environment. Miller forgets to include one's spirit, intuition, and love. Miller


933 words - 4 pages Inconsistent and Consistent Information in the Psychology of Stereotypical Behavior. The theoretical and practical implications of inconsistent and consistent information in the Psychology of Stereotypical Behavior differentiates in two ways. With consistent information, a group is known for certain behaviors (negative or positive), and the subject who is analyzing the behavior may lose interest since the known behavior is consistent with the

Conscience In Ethical Decision Making

1435 words - 6 pages Conscience in ethical decision making"Critically assess the nature and role of conscience in ethical decision making. Consider whether conscience alone is a satisfactory moral authority."Jonathon WyvillOver the years, psychologists have marvelled at the mind's ability to process external action, discriminate it, identify it, and to make moral, conscious decisions. The development of psychology and the understanding of the human mind has been a

Conscience In Ethical Decision Making

1410 words - 6 pages Over the years, psychologists have marvelled at the mind's ability to process external action, discriminate it, identify it, and to make moral, conscious decisions. The development of psychology and the understanding of the human mind has been a crucial step forward in the development of civilisation, as psychological insights have proved to be beneficial in improving everyday life, helping us in avoiding things that cause stress, to be more

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3265 words - 14 pages Radicalization of the Sunni-Shia Divide”. “Shia Power” (2007):274. Jstor.web. 3 April 2014. Esposito, John and Mogahed, Dalia “Who speaks for Islam?”Gallup Press, 2007. Print. 25 April 2014. Norris, Pippa and Kern, Montague and Just Marion Ed. Framing Terrorism. London: Psychology Publication 2003. Print. Sterns, Peter, Adas, Michael . World Civilization. 4th edition: The Global Perspective. Upper Saddle River: Longman, 2001. Print.

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1696 words - 7 pages and not only their head they knew that it was the truth and the only thing left was the decision to fully commit to Islam.(C.Lutus, personal communication December 5, 2013). Next, I would like to address the psychological aspect of converting. Why do people convert? The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion states that religious conversion may notably occur at specific times in the course of our lives (Kose,1996). Several

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1213 words - 5 pages all included some type of scientific methods or beliefs that intertwined with the beliefs of science. Buddhism helped further studies within psychology because of its understanding of the conscience mind; Islam was a basis for astronomy because Muslims had to navigate in the deserts using the stars; and Hinduism helped the development of mathematics and the decimal system. From ancient to modern times, these religions have embraced the study and