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Islam Religion And Role Of Women Religion Essay Research

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Islam Religion and the Role of Women
Islam Religion and the Role of Women
There are two broad categories of religions that people believe on and they include the Abrahamic religion and Eastern religion. The two largest religious groups have some common beliefs and have diverse different aspects of explaining life and the creator of the universe. The Abrahamic religion includes Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. The Islamic religion is a common religion practiced by Muslims all over the world. It subscribes to Allah teachings as professed by Prophet Muhammad (Ali, 2011). There have been times in Islamic history when men we counted as a superior creation as compared to women. They were seen as lesser beings that have no social and human rights at all. They were considered to serve as a means for men sexual gratification and the subservience. However, things changed in the Arabic land in the past fourteen hundred years when Islam appeared.
Muhammad changed the position of women in the society and now it has improved tremendously unlike in the pre-Islamic period. Islam has worked on ensuring equality among the people is achieved. This has seen the elimination of barriers that had been created by people that wanted to be seen as superior and distinguished from others. The segregation of women in the society was synonymous where they were seen as to be in different part of the society, without any living standards (Sharma, 2016).. Good Muslim teaching has created a peaceful, coherent and balanced society that considers women as an equal entity. It has placed a status for women as imperative and productive part of the Islam society. It has ensured that women do enjoy experience and respect in the society like men.
Thesis Statement
The research seeks “To understand Islamic religion and the role of women. It pursues the current view of gender equality, sexuality, and tolerance in the society. It further explores on the religion’s stand on the role of women in the society with a moral code of conduct and the perception of the society if it is appropriate or not. It further explains the religion as a cause more unity or strife, considering the position and the status of women in the society. The purpose of the study is to advance a coherent and gender balanced society that is backed up by the Islamic religion. Therefore, the research will find out if the Islamic doctrines and the systems are the best one as compared to other religions. Also, it will explore points that affirm the appropriateness of an Islamic society. Finally, the research will underscore if it is appropriate to embrace the religion and if people end up being better or worse having followed the religion”.
Muslim Women
Many societies regard women as a second-class citizen and underprivileged to basic rights that the male population enjoys. Resenting efforts have been castigated by many women who want to obtain...

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