Islamic Extremists And Their Impact In The View Of Muslim And Islamic People

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It is unfortunate that tensions of our nation with Islamic extremists have cause many Americans to dismiss the entire Muslim culture and Arab world as being “ignorant”. What does this chapter teach us that makes this viewpoint historically ignorant?

While some Islamic extremists have given the Muslim culture and the Arab world a “bad name”, this chapter has taught me many things about the religion. For example, just like “our” Christian religion, the Muslims too believe that Allah, like our God, is “all powerful, all seeing, and all merciful” (Sayre). The Muslim religion is very similar to Christianity. Christians believe in one and only God, and believe that God created Heaven and ...view middle of the document...

Much of Muhammad’s mission was to bring an end to the mass killings that we as Americans have come to associate with the Muslim religion. I did a Google search for “Muslims reactions to 9/11” and was really surprised at how angry the Muslim and Islamic community is at the radical extremists who were behind the attacks on the United States on September 11. As you can imagine, many Muslims living here in the United States after September 11 received death threats against them simply because of their faith. I feel that those threats were made by ignorance. Just because there is a handful of radicals doesn’t mean that we need to dismiss the entire religion. There are radical Christians as well! Take for example the Westboro Baptist Church and Reverend Fred Phelps. The Westboro Baptist Church protests at military funerals. It seems as though it is simple for the American public to dismiss what the Wetboro Baptist Church does because it’s obvious that it’s just a group of “bad apples” but what I do not understand is how an entire nation (and other nations for that matter) can dismiss the entire Muslim religion as one of “terrorists”. The Westboro Baptist Church in my opinion for one should not be considered a church...

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