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Islamic Jihadists In Portugal Essay

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France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, and the UK are some of the European countries that are in the direct path of Jihadists. This has also been apparent in the past few years in relation to the terrorist situations in those countries. Because these countries are in the sights of the terrorists, people usually overlook Portugal. This doesn’t mean that Portugal doesn’t have the problem that these countries do. There is a lack of media attention to true Muslim affairs.
Many times, a country can be evaluated by the effectiveness of its border security. The United States has historically had very strong and secure borders. Until recently, the United States borders have been impenetrable. Border security is also directly correlated to political correctness. For instance, political correctness in the United States is not speaking out against anyone. Any kind of opposition is seen as racism and this unfortunately is mirrored on the borders.
It is seen as racist not to let anyone in through the United States borders. People don’t realize that there is a real threat out there trying to hurt the United States. Muslims believe in killing anyone that believes differently than they do. Many democrats don’t believe this, but it is written under Sharia Law. Sharia Law is the Law by which Islamists abide by. They do believe that they can do anything, regardless of how violent it is, in order for them to profit.
Muslims aren’t just attacking the United States borders; they are attacking borders all around the world. Many terrorists’ situations have arisen in the past ten years since September 11, 2001. A perfect example is Ft. Hood, Texas. This was another terrorist act done right in the heart of the United States. When the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, was asked if this was a terrorist act, he commented”I’m not going to go there.”
As mentioned earlier, this isn’t just happening in the United States, this is happening all around the world. Portugal along with many other countries is having problems with terrorism as well. Portugal is being hit with many deferent kinds of terrorism. They are being hit with terrorism on the drug front, and they are being hit with terrorism on the religious front.
Portugal is one of the weakest countries in the European Union. Due to the lack of true policing and investigating, many of the suspects go free. Portugal’s slums are the worst in Europe, therefore lacking safety and organization. Within the past few years, Portugal has been having some serious problems with Muslim Jihadists living in the country illegally and smuggling. The problem is that they lack the resources to deport them.
Even though there is a huge Jihadist problem in Portugal, there is also a huge population of Muslims in Portugal that are very civil. In fact, most of the Muslims in Portugal have been there for decades and work just like all of the other Portuguese people. This generally is the ideology of the Muslim people; they...

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