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Islamic Landscape: The Interpretation And Viability Of Islamic Courtyard In Malaysia

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Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan or Federal Territory Mosque located adjacent to Jalan Duta is one of the tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur. Open to public in the 25th October 2000, the construction of this mosque began in 1997. The architectural and interior design of the mosque is a blend between traditional Malay and Middle East with the overall concept influenced by the traditional Othmanian mosques in Turkey.

Figure 1.1: Federal Territory Msoque, Jalan Duta

The mosque can accommodate up to 17,000 devotees at a time with the total expanse of 47,000 square metres. Incorporating beautiful landscape and mosque design with its environment and topography conditions, ...view middle of the document...

The latter has similarities with the study area.

Figure 1.2: Courtyards of The Curve, Damansara

A structured methodology was carried out in this research involving on-site observation, interview and survey questionnaire. Apart from that, thorough studies on primary sources and literature reviews were revised.

4.1 Field observation

In this method, data were collected through a thoughtful planned manner. According to Sahu (2013:64), the observer should bear in mind in prior to site visit of (a) what to observe, (b) when to observe, (c) how can the observation be required and so on. In this research case, observation was made on the elements used in the courtyard, people’s behavioral pattern and activities within the compound, character of the buildings surrounding it and how the shadow impacted on the courtyard.

Prior to the site visit, a tentative base map was produced to ease data collection on the day of fieldwork. This was particularly helpful in collecting data for people’s behavioral pattern and shadow impact assessment. Simultaneously, observation was made on the activities occurring at the courtyard at peek hours on weekdays and weekends during lunch hours, in the evening and at night. This was done by complete participant observation; where identity of researcher is concealed and not revealed to the public. The observation was made with the researcher being part of the group, avoiding disruption of normal activity in the site study. Photographs and sketches were done for further analysis. The base map was further refined upon returning from fieldwork. In collecting data of the elements, a checklist was made beforehand. This ensured that all data on elements and its arrangements is acquired, and therefore this controlled observation results into a quantitative data.

4.2 Interview

This qualitative research method is most common in collecting participant’s experiences (Sahu, 2013:64), in this case, in the context of opinions on courtyards. Interviews are useful as follow-up to respondents of questionnaires for further investigation, McNamara (see Interview as a Method of Qualitative Research – Online). In this research study, two methods of conducting interview is chosen; personal interview and chatting.

Personal interview requires the researcher to ask questions face-to-face with the interviewee. The method of collecting data for this type of interview is through a structured manner. It involved predetermined questions and standardized technique of recording. This method conducts a faster and easily analyzed data collecting method. A preplanned personal interview was made on the courtyard in Federal Territory mosque with Mr Zambri bn Mohamad Sharif, the assistant administrative officer of the mosque. The duration of interview took 1.2 hours in the office at about 2.50pm on Wednesday, 11 March 2014....


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