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Islamic Perceptions And The Truth Essay

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In today’s world people judge others just by looking at them and making decisions based on their appearances and actions. Misconceptions are caused by making assumptions firsthand, receiving incorrect information from a source or seeing a few members from a specific group commit an action which is attributed to the whole group. Most of the assumptions made are almost incorrect because the people who judge do not follow through to see what the truth is regarding their observation. Misunderstandings are caused by how the spectator interprets the expression of the group causing confusion. These misunderstandings often times go viral and are sometimes even carried on from one generation to another. Several religious groups are often perceived in a different light than their true identity. American Muslims, followers of Islam, are one of the major groups who are victims to this mass misconception.
One of the major misconceptions regarding American Muslims is that they are terrorists but the FBI database clearly states that 6% terrorist acts in the U.S. are due to Islamic groups. Many people assume that Islam teaches its followers to practice terrorism. In actuality, Islam does not teach terrorism but rather the literal meaning of Islam is “peace”. As USA article mentions, "Islam does not support terrorism under any circumstances. Terrorism goes against every principle in Islam. If a Muslim engages in terrorism, he is not following Islam. He may be wrongly using the name of Islam for political or financial gain” (USA Today). From here we see that terrorism is not a teaching of Islam, but, rather prohibited. Islam is an encompassing religion which covers all aspects of one’s life from financial well-being to diet and to marriage. In a situation where a Muslim has to fight against an enemy, then there are specific rules which he must follow. The term used under this specific struggle is called “jihad” which means to struggle in the cause of Islam. Under the rules that a Muslim must follow he cannot harm any innocent bystander. The misinformation that people gain is that jihad is terrorism or that terrorism is a method of jihad. Similarly people are misinformed that Muslims have to practice jihad. In a world there are countless incidents of terrorism, some done in the name of Islam by a small group of people. This results in a generalization that all Muslims agree with those few individuals and also take part in those acts, according to the FBI database mentioned earlier , “Islam does not support terrorism under any circumstances. Terrorism goes against every principle in Islam. If a Muslim engages in terrorism, he is not following Islam. He may be wrongly using the name of Islam for political or financial gain” (USA Today).
Muslim women wear a headscarf in public which covers their head and neck area while some Muslim women wear a full body cover. This is a sign of modesty in Islam and while the headscarf is mandatory, the full body cover is optional....

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