Islamic Sects (Shiites & Sunnis) From A Historical Perspective Outlining The Key Similarities And Differences.

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Concepts of Shiites and Sunni MuslimsOutline:A) The main idea of Islam.B) Shiites: historyC) Shiites - sects and development.D) Shiites and Sunni Muslims - contradictions.E) ConclusionThe adherents - this is the common name for different groups and sects that acknowledge Ali Ibn Abu Talib and his descendants as the only legal successors of prophet Muhammad. Correspondingly, the first three righteous caliphs Shiites consider as usurpers. The aim of this research is to show the development of Shiites and Sunni Muslims, their contradictions and concepts. The main difference between Sunni Muslims and Shiites is in different view on Imamate. For Sunni Muslims the Imam is the spiritual and temporal head that is appointed by the will of the Muslim community. For Shiites Imam is the bearer of Divine paradise that is inherited by Ali's descendants (Al-Azmeh, Aziz, 12).Shiites are divided into moderate (Zaidites and Imamites), Extreme (Gulates) and Ismailites.There are moderate Shiites (Zaidites) - this is the most moderate branch of Shiites, which acknowledges Imamate of Zaid Ibn Ali. After his death Zaidites continued to show great political activity, thinking that the objective index of the dignity of a pretender to the Imamate is his readiness with the weapons in his hands to achieve the supreme power. In the field of doctrine they are close to Sunni Muslims - they acknowledge that the Imam must be from the descendants of Ali Ibn Abu Talib, they disclaim the Divine Nature of Imamate and the study about hidden Imam (Gaiba), and they do not curse the first three caliphs. Nowadays the biggest part of Zaidites is concentrated in the Northern Yemen.Imamites - they are also called twelvers. This is one of the main branches of Moderate Shiites that acknowledge twelve Imams fro the descendants of Ali Ibn Abi Talib (Al-Azmeh, Aziz, 15). The twelfth Imam Muhammad Ibn Hasan when being a child, disappeared, after that he was proclaimed as hidden Imam and the forthcoming Mahdi, who must return and establish justice in the world. The belief in concealment of the Imam is the basis of the doctrine of Imamites. They think that Imamate is emanation of the divine light in the descendants of Ali, so Imams are infallible and have some superhuman abilities. The clergy in the period of Gaibe looks like inherits authority and power of hidden Imam, so this is the reason of such high political activity of Shiites spiritual leaders (Rahman, Fazlur, 35).Islamic government, about which spoke ayatola Homeini - is a renewed doctrine of Imamate, tendency to realize the ideal model of theocratic government (Al-Azmeh, Aziz, 16). Nowadays study of Imamites is the governmental denomination of Iran, the majority of the population of Iran are also Imamites.The extreme Muslims - mean the common name for numerous groups of extreme trend in Shiism. The extreme Shiites defy Ali Ibn Abi Talib and his descendants; attribute to them superhuman abilities and secret knowledge, which is inherited....

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