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Islamophobia Essay

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The first ever time that I confronted the idea of Islamophobia was 7 years ago, when on my flight to New York from Dubai. I was very happy to be visiting the land of opportunity where everybody has an opportunity to realize his/her dream without the shackles of religion, gender, or race. However, on my arrival, I saw something which surprised me, men and women who were in the traditional Arab attire were moved aside as a part of a ‘random selection'. Since then, I have been very curious about how this concept was perceived. With this paper, I will put information in a broader context and be the mortal enemy of innuendo, speculation hyperbole, and non-sense, since information is only useful ...view middle of the document...

So then, what is the reason that some minority people are trying to committing horrendous acts in the name of Jihad? After extensively studying the regions that are supposedly the ‘hubs’ of Islamic radicalization, the groups of militia such as the Taliban control much of the schools in Baluchistan region of Pakistan. According to a popular political leader and the founder of Tehrek-e-Insaaf who was raised in this region said that the people there are being brain washed about as to what is Jihad by the Taliban. The people of Baluchistan traditionally have been tribals and are an economically backward region of Pakistan, which explains why the Taliban have been able to expertly exploit their vulnerability and their economic condition to further their cause-which is different from Jihad. The 113 out of the 114 chapters of the Quran introduce Allah as god of mercy and compassion, not a god of wrath. It is important to recognize that the population of 1.6 billion Muslims is leading a peaceful lifestyle and a very small fraction of them is interpreting the religion in a way that is terrorizing to others. An important question to be asked is that if Islam is a religion of war then why is the majority living their lives in peace.

In further trying to find any coherence of religious fundamentalism and suicide bombings, I found out that there is no relation between the two. Looking at the work of Professor Robert Pape from the University of Chicago (2005) who studied every case of suicide bombing from 1980-2005- a total of 315 cases, he concluded that there is little relation between any religious fundamentalism and suicide bombings and near all of the terrorist attacks have in common is that specific secular and strategic goal to remove forces, of other nations, from the land that the terrorists think to be their homeland.

I believe that another important factor that has been an important cause for Islamophobia has been the media. I tried to find out what is the current perception of a Muslim in the eyes of the western population. I decided to consult a friend of mine who works at the Huffington Post, UK; he is also a follower of Islam. He told me about the several instances of hysteria among some journalists who describe Muslims as a lot who are followers of a war-like religion, holding back scientific progress and are a hostile lot. Let’s look at the some examples of this, starting with the article by Phillips, M. of the The Mail (2013, May 26) Until our leaders admit the true nature of Islamic extremism, we will never defeat it.The Mail Online. She says, “ The people threatening our liberties are Islamic radicals determined to destroy our way of life.” Now if we just examine this under the scanner of news-free from bias, I doubt it would pass. Another very interesting case of religious bias is that of Fox News. They have publicly accepted to a right-winged agenda, which I think makes them lose their credibility as a news broadcaster. There is no...

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