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Islams Truth Essay

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Islam is a monotheistic religion that is derived from both Christianity and Judaism. It developed in the Middle East and originates from the Arabian Peninsula. It is estimated Islam sprouted at around 622CE. After a short time frame of about 300 years, the law of Islam, Shai’ah, found itself solidified throughout the society of many generations.
Muhammad, the final prophet in Islam, is estimated to be born around the year 580. His birth family was one of the many clans of Quraish, which were the current dominating tribe of the city of Mecca, which is where the Kabbah is located. The Kaabah, a sacred shrine, is an important place mercantilism, meaning that it was held in ...view middle of the document...

They were no longer allowed to attack one another under the leadership. Now the once warring Arab tribes were united, working together to protect their existence. The now unified Islam Nation proved to be a fierce fighter due to the Muslim people’s enthusiasm to fight for their cause. In order to preserve the peace between Arab tribes, they attacked the non-Muslim communities that surrounded them. Although Christians and Jews were allowed to preserve their own religion, many opted to convert to Islam due to their success, and the tax breaks that Muslims received. For many years the Arab people have tried to expand into richer lands, but prior to their unification they were unable to expand due to the Persian and Byzantine Empires. Due to the decades of war, the once unstoppable forces of the Persian and Byzantine Empires had become brittle, leaving an opening for the Nation of Islam to spread past the Arabian Peninsula.
• The Major Split
• In the year 632 CE Mohammad became ill and died of a fever, “died with the heat of noon”. The death of Mohammed was felt all throughout the Nation of...

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