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Islands Conflict Within China And Japan

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“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” quoted by Mahatma Gandhi. Japan and China have disputed over the islands located in the East China Sea known as Senkaku islands in Japanese or Diaoyu islands in Chinese. The islands itself don’t have any valuable resources since it’s only a small rocky island. But then, the country will expand the territory or maybe as the symbol of power.

China has developed significantly in the past few decades, with its greatest power of both economy and army, China achieved the 2nd highest GDP after the United States in 2012. Japan was the 2nd place before but now rank down to the 3rd place. The Chinese products and China town are everywhere around the world. In addition, Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. The data shown that, in 2009, Chinese ranked as the first with 1,213 million speakers continue with Spanish 329 million speakers. English is placed in the third position with 328 million speakers. While Japan has recovered incredibly after have enormous damage of Word War II. Japan started their step from zero to build relationships among the countries, economy and security. Even though, Japan only has limited both human and natural resources, Japan has successfully developed especially in terms of technology; Toshiba, Honda, Sony, etc.

The two major theories in International Relation; Realism and Liberalism, have confronted a different position. Realism is a predominant theory in International Relation Theory after World War II. The idea is that, it is advocated the sovereignty under the national interests such as balancing the power and hegemony in order to maximize the power for survival. China seems realist especially in its recent action towards the East China Sea. China tries to maximize its power and show to the rest of the world how powerful China is. The purpose of China is shown its power. And, Japan emphasizes avoiding the expansion of China’s power. If Japan hands over its right toward the islands, China will grow even more. On the other hand, Liberalism claims peace and democracy within the state. Japan enforces individual liberty and prosperity. And recently try to...

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