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Are You Ready For Sex? A Health Article Regarding The Issue Of Teenagers Engaging In Sex. The Pros, Cons, And Possible Consequences.

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Are You Ready For Sex?Teens in the United States are experimenting with sexual activities more and more today than ever before. Essentially it is not being frowned upon as it was just a couple of years ago. Sex itself has penetrated the country as an open talk. It seems now that some sort of sexual connotation always surrounds teens, whether it is the television, radio, school, or even the Internet. So with the "S" word flying everywhere it's inevitable that we begin to think about it: what's it like and weather or not to try it.Three dates, four weeks, three months, or a year? Just how long should couples wait before having sex? Plenty of people date and never have sex. They decide before they get physical that they just aren't right for each other. But what if you really like someone and you're thinking about sex? Is there a magic moment when sex is OK? It really depends.First of all, you need love, trust, communication, and understanding to have a healthy relationship. Sex shouldn't even be on the agenda until both people are comfortable with each other. And since different relationships move at different paces, that could take anywhere from a few months to years. Or, it might never happen at all. What you need to realize is that there is no magic number, it's all about mental, emotional, and physical readiness, and that's physical as in your body's development, not raging hormones.The thing is however, that teen couples tend to focus on the physical act of sex, instead of relaxing and enjoying the fun of getting to know another person. Sex isn't an accomplishment or a goal because, if it was, then what's next? Many teens often end up having sex for the wrong reasons. One of the most common is loneliness....

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