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Iso/Osi Protocols Essay

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OSI/ISO Protocols
OSI protocol is a network of guidelines for swapping information. Each of these principles of OSI protocols were developed and innovated by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) which started in the late 1940s. “Since that time ISO has circulated over more than 19,500 international guidelines covering nearly all features of technology and industries across the world in which stated members from ISO” (ISO story). “Today, Geneva, Switzerland, ISO have members from 164 countries and people grind full time for their Central Secretariat” (ISO story). In the early 60s, delegates from several countries met in overseas to discuss the future plans for International Standardization.
In the late 40s, ISO publically becomes into reality with more than 50 groups of experts concentrating on a particular subject. The first offices of ISO were located in Geneva in a small secluded house. At that time they consisted of five members on staff. By the early 50s, the first ISO standard was created and has been updated numerous times throughout the years since it first came about. Since the design of ISO they distributed information once a month, about their technical teams, the guidelines issued and administrative modifies to the organization and its members. “During the 60s, ISO issued the standard ISO 31 on quantities and units, and is grounded on S.I”( ISO story).
“The SI sets out one unit for each quantity for instance, the meter for distance and the second for time.”(ISO story) The intention of the SI system is to spread global equivalence in units of measurement. During the sixties ISO was driven to include more evolving countries in its global work. By 1961, ISO established a committee named DEVCO. This team was created for upcoming country concerns. Seven years later they introduced a membership called Correspondent.
It allowed evolving countries to be knowledgeable of international standardization work without the full expense of ISO membership. In the same year, ISO circulates its first standard of freight containers. “The organization has been particularly dynamic in the freight and packaging area, changing the way merchandises sail across the world.” “In the early 1970s, ISO innovated its first two technical teams in the environmental field, which was Air quality and Water quality. During the seventies, the ISO’s Secretary General Olle Struten concentrated on turning ISO into a worldwide institute. By 1986, Lawrence D. Eicher takes over as Secretary General and proceeds to push the organization into new and innovative heights.
In the late 90s ISO presents its first website. Several years later ISO started retailing its standards on their website. “By the year 1996, they released an environmental management system guideline, called ISO 14001, which offered individuals tools for establishments and corporations to help them control their influence on the environment” (ISO story). ISO was up under new management when...

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