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Isolation As Consequence Of Sin Essay

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Isolation As a consequence of Sin Nathaniel Hawthorne's book, The Scarlet Letter, demonstrates people's tendency to seclude themselves from society instead of being participating members. He develops the concept that isolation is a result of the consequences of sin. The reader sees Arthur Dimmesdale, Hester and Pearl Prynne taking refuge from society in either the forest, the prison or their homes. Hester Prynne's cottage is associated with remote and melancholy feelings. The cottage is "on the outskirts of town" (84), and was abandoned by the early settlers of the New World "because the soil about it was too sterile for cultivation" (84). Also, the cottage is similar to a witch's house in that "a mystic shadow of suspicion immediately [attaches] itself to the spot" (84). The cottage is "shut out from the sphere of human charities" and is so gloomy that it "would fain [be], or at least ought to be, concealed" (84) from society. Interestingly, the place that society shuns, conceals Hester society's condemnation. Within the "small thatched cottage" Hester is free to "[ply] her needle at the cottage window" (84) and create garments for a colony which scorns her. It is within the safety of the cottage walls that Hester tries to cultivate Pearl's mind without the strict traditions of society. The "darksome cottage" (84) offers protection from society's criticism, and allows Hester to govern herself.Likewise, the "primeval forest" (191) serves as a safe haven from the judgmental society. At first, the forest is presented as dark and frightening. The Black Man "haunts this forest" trying to persuade Salem's citizens "to write their names with their own blood" in "a big, heavy book, with iron clasps" (193). Also, little light is able to penetrate the thick branches of the trees, and people's actions are kept "from the observation of any casual passenger along the forest track" (194). Hawthorne presents the forest as evil and lawless, because here people are...

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