Isolation Being Dealt Relating The Stories "By The River" And "First Flight"

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Isolation is the state of separation between two people or many groups. It is also described as a feeling of being disliked or lonely. Feeling the pain of isolation leads to destruction and depression for not only the one affected, but also for the people that surround them. Seclusion stabs people in the heart to feel like they are unwanted or left behind. Dragging the feeling of being useless tends to make the individual think they have no point to live, leading to serious circumstances. By comparing the two stories
"By the River" written by Jack Hodgins, and "First Flight" by W.D. Valgardson, the two individual authors express the same ideas for the readers to discover. The authors want the readers to learn that isolation is hidden in many people's lives and it will reflect on many personalities.

Isolation occurs in many forms, but the one thing that stays constant is that the loneliness affects everyone. It can cause great pain and suffering internally for a character, whom tries to hide the sadness from others. Some people are afraid to show their emotions to others, forcing others to predict what the character is feeling. These examples illustrate the ideas of isolation perfectly. "By The River" is written to illustrate the isolation of a young lady who was left deserted on her farmland with no barn. The loneliness made her insane, making her wait by the river until her husband came back. Obviously, he was not going to return immediately. The mystery was that no one knew why he did not return home or write letters to his wife. She got upset, and could not face that fact that her husband was gone. Under the state of depression, she wanders pointlessly around the deserted farmland. Dreaming about the past and the having the days brush past her for six months, she was still alone. The train conductor who sends mail and other goods to her worried because he had never seen her act the way she did. Even the town's people heard the sad story and felt pity for her. Gregory Jorganson, the protagonist of "First Flight" also provides evidence of the ideas of loneliness. Being mentally disabled, Gregory feels that he has no one to turn to. All he was able to do was to depend on him self, taking late night walks watching happy couples pass him by. The hidden misery and agony makes the throbbing of loneliness more dominate.

Having the feeling of being unwanted may be more extravagant then it seems. The identity of Greogry Jorganson, the mentally disabled boy at the age of 18 has a figure of a younger man, witnesses this situation. He had to overcome the fact that he is not like the others he is surrounded by. He holds a lot of...

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