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Isolation Can Be Deadly Essay

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In Mary Shelley’s, Frankenstein, readers get to take an inside look at Victor’s (the protagonist) life compared to the monster’s life after he is brought to life. In Frankenstein, the bad parenting theme is quite apparent. There are very few “good” parents in the midst of what seems to be quite a few “bad” parents, including Victor Frankenstein, the creator of the monster. Victor comes from a loving and caring family, while Frankenstein is left alone with no one to care for him. If one is left isolated with no one to care for him and talk to him, he will get frustrated and will want to get revenge from society, which may mean becoming evil.
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According to the monster, because Victor abandons him, all of this tragedy happens. “Do your duty towards me, and I will do mine towards you and the rest of mankind. If you will comply with my conditions, I will leave them and you at peace; but if you refuse I will glut the maw of death, until it be satiated with the blood of your remaining friends” (65). The monster is lonely, neglected of connection, everyone is scared of him and no one is there for him, even Victor, his own creator.
In Frankenstein, there are very few examples of good parents compared to the bad parents. Some of the good parents include; Victor’s mother and father. “No creature could have more tender parents than mine. My improvement and health were their constant care…” (19). His parents are kind and devoted to him, care about him very much, unlike Victor who expects gratitude from his “offspring”, the monster.
Some of the bad fathers include; Walton’s father, Clerval’s father, Elizabeth’s Father, and most of all, Victor. All of the doings of these parents lead to some tragedy. Walton’s father forbids him from taking sea voyages. When you strictly forbid your child from doing something, it interests them even more in doing that thing. This may have caused Walton’s interest in sea voyages to increase. Clerval’s father wants his son to go to trade school, which prevents Clerval from attending the University of Ingolstadt with Victor; leaving Victor completely isolated, leading him to create the monster. Elizabeth’s father betrays her. Victor does the same with his creation; completely abandoning and leaving it on its own.
There is a so called contract between the parent and the child. The child is to do what the parent says, and if he does, he sometimes gets rewarded. When the child...

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