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Isolation In Rappacinis Daughter Essay

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Isolation in Rappacini's DaughterIn "Rappacini's Daughter", by Nathaniel Hawthorne, readers see and feel the isolation of the scientific-minded surgeon, Dr. Rappaccini, as well that of his daughter, Beatrice, and finally that of the main character, Giovanni. Hawthorne believes that isolation is the root of all evil. He shows Beatrice as limited to the borders of her father's garden and never exposed to the reality of the outside community in her lifetime. He centers the story around a very subtle, gloomy setting which, focuses on the aspect of every character always being alone. However, Hawthorne is trying to send a message to the reader that isolation is not healthy for the human soul, and that it takes courage to break out of those boundaries were not used to. Nonetheless, darkness does exist in the outside world.Dr. Rappacini is described as a scientific doctor, that loves evil and since his wife died, he isolates himself and his daughter in a way that neither caused them to be save nor cured. The author seems to create isolation as one of the main themes to show a form of weakness and depression, in a sense to draw readers closer to the message he's trying to portray. So Dr. Rappacini created this Garden of Eden in secret that had a private entrance that anyone else knew about because it was, also, isolated.``No; that garden is cultivated by the own hands of Signor Giacomo Rappaccini, the famous doctor (2)". This description immediately allowed the reader to know that the garden is isolated in the sense that no one has access to it except the doctor and his daughter, Beatrice, which it can be of evil, also.As striking as the plant of the purple gems is "a tall, emaciated, sallow, and sickly-looking man, dressed in a scholar's garb of black (3)", who looked to be busy in the garden, and scientifically examining the plants in a disconnected and cautious manner as if he was "walking among malignant influences, such as savage beasts, or deadly snakes, or evil spirits (4)". This creates a simile which points to the reason why the doctor's garden has to be isolated from the general population and no one ever go in there. Not because of others, but because evil lives there and no one should know the secret which it withheld among creation.From his window, Giovanni sees Beatrice approaching the doctor's garden "beautiful as the day and with a bloom so deep and vivid that one shade more would have been too much (5)". This shows Beatrice is a beautiful young girl, that every man wants, and who loves her father very much. The first time Hawthorne introduces her, he says she "looked redundant with life, health, and energy; all of which attributes were bound down and compressed, as it were and girdled tensely, in their luxuriance, by her virgin zone (5)". Her face radiates "simplicity and sweetness," as if she's nothing but pure and genuine, and she lovingly cares for the plants in the garden. Her abilities are exceptional because it is apparent to...

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