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Isolating the sick is only necessary if the ailing is contagious. In Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s story “The Yellow Wallpaper,” the isolation of Jennie was the major foundation of her illness. If Jennie was surrounded by loved ones, she would feel their love and be encouraged to get stronger. By being isolated from family and friends Jennie slips into her abandoned, bleak thoughts.
Her only way to express herself was through writing on “dead paper” in her journal. Those words alone should have been a warning signal. When one is sick they should be able to talk about it freely, articulate what they are going through, and vent their emotions out loud. Jennie should not have been isolating ...view middle of the document...

Her mind would have remained busy with caring for her child. Isolating the new mother was in no way going to help this woman who was battling her thoughts. Solitude does not heal the mentally sick, it harms. Keeping a mentally ill person away from the ones she cares about is not helping her, it is avoiding the problem.
Recently, Disney released a movie which helps prove that isolation is not a treatment. A princess named Elsa, in Disney’s Frozen, is born with the powers to create ice and snow. Soon she accidently harms her sister with her powers. Elsa is quickly sent into the loneliness of her bedroom, which she once shared with her sister. The isolation hurt her relationship with her sister and they quickly drifted apart. Elsa never got the chance to learn how to control her powers in public, due to her confinement. Jennie is locked away with only one companion, her distracting and ever present crazy thoughts. She is “encouraged to exercise “self-control” and avoid expressing negative thoughts and fears about her illness” the same requests were placed on Elsa and her powers. Elsa was told to “conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know” about her special powers the same as Jennie is concealed to isolation, and told to not feel the pain of her illness. Jennie is never given the chance to prove that she could control herself around others. It is hard to prove that one is harmless to be around if no one is allowed to get close to them....

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