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Africa was isolated geographically by the Sahara Desert. The isolation made by the Sahara Desert has affected trade, religion, and trade within Africa. Trade in Africa was impacted by the Sahara Desert because it prevented goods from civilizations residing under the Sahara Desert to reach North Africa. Religion was affected by Africa's isolation because new religious ideas could not reach part of Africa due to the Sahara Desert. The impact made by the affect on transportation was that it had caused interactions between North Africa and civilization under the Sahara Desert to be limited. The importance of the isolation made by the Sahara Desert is that it had set limitations on Africa both technologically and socially.
In Africa trade was affected by the geographical confinement from the Sahara Desert. This is influential on Africa's social and technological inhibitions because it regulates both the public interactions with other civilizations and precludes civilizations above the Sahara Desert from accessing technology that can only be given to them through trade. An example of how trade was affected in Africa by the Sahara Desert is that the Axum or (Aksum) civilization only traded past the Sahara Desert through the Nile River. This only permitted them a small pathway of interaction with North Africa giving them little more accessibility than most civilizations under the Sahara Desert. This demonstrates the impact made by the Sahara Desert on trade within Africa. Trade done in Africa is significant because it gave the civilizations in Africa resources for them to live on and the isolation made by the Sahara Desert had limited them. The prevention of trade through isolation had both technologically and socially impacted Africa by making it harder for information(discoveries) to be brought to civilizations North of the Sahara Desert and by separating North Africa from civilizations residing below the Sahara Desert. Religion was affected in Africa as a result of isolation from the Sahara Desert. The Sahara Deserts' affect on religion in Africa is imperative to understand because religion created legal systems and set lifestyles for integrated civilizations and empires throughout history. The Sahara Desert's affect on religion was exemplified by how civilizations in North Africa were predominately Islamic and most other African civilizations were Christian. This...

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