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The Journey in Space and Time

James Lovelock starts off the chapter talking about how the he wants to go into outer space and see the world in its entirely one time before it changes forever to the response of the climate change. Then, he talks about how though the world may become more urbanized it ‘s slowly changing for the worst and may just become a barren wasteland. In response to the changes in the climate the IPCC was made to help see into the future of world in 1990. Though the IPCC hasn’t correctly predicted the weather correctly, because they have been trying to say that globally warning happens in a smooth transition. The Earth’s climate changes in fits or in other words one year it can be extremely hot and then the next it's back to normal, but it slowly starts to lack that constancy of going back to normal.

James continues to talk about how the world isn’t own or manage by humans and only cares about itself. He talks about how humans never want to hear bad news like how the Atlantic ocean has only 40% of its ice left and how the planet is warming up 1.3 times faster than we predicted. Though the reasons why those models are usually wrong is caused they have based on theory rather than physical evidence. Though, more plays into the reason like how the people who fund these models are the people that are a polluting the world. James then continues to talk about how the world will be affected in differently depending on the region. Like how Hawaii, Northern Canada, and British Isles are some of the regions that will likely be not affected by these climate changes and how they will become lifeboats for the human race. While the polar regions and place like Africa, Bangladesh, and China will receive most of affects and mostly like become almost uninhabitable.

James Lovelock goes on to bashing advertisers who...

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