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Isp Essay Outline

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Independent Study Project: Essay OutlineTopicThe motif of male dominance and patriarchy in the following works:1) Death of a Salesman- Arthur Miller2) Fifth Business- Robertson DaviesThesisAlthough the presence of a few strong and independent women is captured in both works, each exhibits the motif of male dominance and patriarchy.Introductory ParagraphThroughout all of history, examples of a domineering male can be found. In Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman and Robertson Davies’ Fifth Business, plots, subplots and even the relationships between minor characters work in conjunction to establish a feeling of male supremacy and patriarchy. In Fifth Business, Dunstable Ramsay and his childhood friend, Percy Boyd Staunton both approach relationships differently but each strives to maintain their independence and control over his own life. Quite similarly, in Death of a Salesman, the men of the Loman family treat the women in their lives with little or no respect, objectifying them and cheating on them without remorse. Although the presence of a few strong women is captured in each work, both exhibit the motif of male dominance and a patriarchal structured society.Main Points(1) Women are nearly always portrayed as weak, incapable and inferior to their male counterparts.1.1 (FB) Mrs. Dempster, upon being hit with a snowball, falls to the ground, crying and has to be pulled home on a sled by her husband, Mr. Dempster. As well, Mrs. Dempster may or may not have been raped. At the time she says she consented to the intercourse but upon meeting the tramp later in the book, Dunstable accuses the man of raping her. Suggests that Mrs. Dempster could not have defended herself if she had not consented1.2 (FB) Leola Cruickshank is portrayed as a charming girl, but is said to lack intelligence. Upon marrying her, Percy Boyd Staunton attempts to mould his wife into something new, a sort of trophy wifePercy is often frustrated with his wife for not being as sophisticated as other women1.3 (DoaS) Linda plays the role of a doormat for Willy as it seems that he wipes his feet with her and she just lays there doing nothing about it.Use example of when she bought a different type of cheese for Willy because she thought he would like it and he got upset with her(2) Strong women are depicted as ugly or with predominately male characteristics2.1 (FB) Dunstable’s mother is illustrated as being the one in control of her marriage and her...

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