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The Political Scene SEPTEMBER 1, 2014 ISSUEFriends of IsraelThe lobbying group AIPAC has consistently fought the Obama Administration on policy. Is it now losing influence?BY CONNIE BRUCKTABLE OF CONTENTS »For AIPAC, it is crucial to appeal across the political spectrum. But Israel has become an increasingly divisive issue with the public.CREDITILLUSTRATION BY MATT DORFMANOn July 23rd, officials of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee-the powerful lobbying group known as AIPAC-gathered in a conference room at the Capitol for a closed meeting with a dozen Democratic senators. The agenda of the meeting, which was attended by other Jewish leaders as well, was the war in the Gaza Strip. In the century-long conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, the previous two weeks had been particularly harrowing. In Israeli towns and cities, families heard sirens warning of incoming rockets and raced to shelters. In Gaza, there were scenes of utter devastation, with hundreds of Palestinian children dead from bombing and mortar fire. The Israeli government claimed that it had taken extraordinary measures to minimize civilian casualties, but the United Nations was launching an inquiry into possible war crimes. Even before the fighting escalated, the United States, Israel's closest ally, had made little secret of its frustration with the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "How will it have peace if it is unwilling to delineate a border, end the occupation, and allow for Palestinian sovereignty, security, and dignity?" Philip Gordon, the White House coördinator for the Middle East, said in early July. "It cannot maintain military control of another people indefinitely. Doing so is not only wrong but a recipe for resentment and recurring instability." Although the Administration repeatedly reaffirmed its support for Israel, it was clearly uncomfortable with the scale of Israel's aggression. AIPAC did not share this unease; it endorsed a Senate resolution in support of Israel's "right to defend its citizens," which had seventy-nine co-sponsors and passed without a word of dissent.AIPAC is prideful about its influence. Its promotional literature points out that a reception during its annual policy conference, in Washington, "will be attended by more members of Congress than almost any other event, except for a joint session of Congress or a State of the Union address." A former AIPAC executive, Steven Rosen, was fond of telling people that he could take out a napkin at any Senate hangout and get signatures of support for one issue or another from scores of senators. AIPAC has more than a hundred thousand members, a network of seventeen regional offices, and a vast pool of donors. The lobby does not raise funds directly. Its members do, and the amount of money they channel to political candidates is difficult to track. But everybody in Congress recognizes its influence in elections, and the effect is evident. In 2011, when...

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1923 words - 8 pages popular eve, if it’s not true. Like the previous examples, the media only displays what will cause more controversy on the issue of Israel. They make false claims and only show parts of footage that set up Israel to look like the enemy. Since we are not living in the Middle East, we swallow the news up and believe our only source of information and begin to talk about it in the way that the media shows it to us. Israel is then spoken of as this