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Reading the media headlines today and spotting names of countries such as Israel and Iran one would expect the article to be on their disputes or their ongoing nuclear power conflict. Due to the many differences that countries have cultural, religious, political and economic have influenced their relationship in so many ways throughout the history. Going back to the initial establishment of a Jewish country in the Middle East in 1917 when the Balfour Declaration was introduced with the purpose of doing that in Palestinian land the hostile relationships among Jewish and the Muslim world began. As Palestinian people never accepted for Israeli to take parts of their territory, since 1947 until today Israeli is on conflict terms with most Muslim countries.
Taking into consideration the historical timeline of brutal conflicts of Israel with many Arab countries, specifically Iran and Israel have not always been particularly on bad terms. David Menashri, an Israeli expert on Israeli-Iranian relation, said that “in the back of the historical memory of the Israelis, when you speak about Iran, Iran is considered to be a good friend of Israel.” (Sterling, 2012) These good relationships have been largely formed based on their economic interests where they traded goods which were significant to them such as Israeli weapons and Iran oil.
However, with the changing nature of historical events today we find Israel and Iran publically declaring each other as enemies and constantly fighting for power in the region, especially nuclear power. By constantly building more nuclear power they are seeking to threaten each other and today security has become a major goal in both governments’ agenda. This paper will further provide analysis of four stages of Israel-Iran relations, period between 1947 and 1953, Pahlavi dynasty period, Iranian Revolution period and the period post First Gulf War.
In 1947, Iran along with other Muslim countries in Middle East voted against the UN Partition Plan for Palestine which followed another decision of Iran when later it voted against Israel becoming part of United Nations. (Menashri, 2007) These decisions of Iran showed the unity of the Arab world in decision making. As Israel declared its independence in 1948, the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi did not support the decision, however as he came to power both countries established close ties. Israel had built a relationship with the Shah which enabled them to connect economically and as well as establish an unofficial embassy in Tehran. For Israel, during this period Iran was their getaway and connection to the rest of the Arab World. (Trita, 2008) Since its foundation as a state Israel had never changed its goal and thus being in the middle of Muslim countries which never supported its establishment, national security remained its main objective.
The Shah of Iran along with Israeli leaderships shared their pro-western approach and had incentive to cooperate on many levels...

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