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Israel And Iran's Incompatibility Essay

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The incompatibility for the game between Israel and Iran is because Iran would not play by the same set of rules that were set between the United States and Russia during the Cold War. This assumption is based on Iran’s own unique scenario in a regional game in the Middle East, as well as Iran’s history to avoid inside the box thinking when it comes to strategic warfare. Tira concludes that the unreliability accompanying the area’s instability and Iran’s known use of creating black swans to continuously push and wear down an opponent, shows that if a nuclear Iran were to develop it would be a major threat not to be taken lightly. The conclusion that Tira arrives at is very helpful in explaining why Israel is not fond of Russia assisting Iran develop its nuclear program further than where it already stands.
IV. Findings and Analysis
To understand why Israel is concerned with Iran, it is first imperative to understand the Iranian nuclear program’s history and the extent of Iran’s current program. The goal to obtain a sufficient nuclear energy program has been a long standing goal for Iran. Iran’s first reactor, the Tehran Research Reactor, was established in 1967 and since then has seen nuclear energy and the possible gains of a nuclear arsenal as an insurance policy in the survivability to the current regime (Collina and others 2013, 3). To increase its capacity for production Iran has also worked with Russia to build the Bushehr reactor, which was completed in 2011 (Katz 2012, 58). On top of these two sites, Iran has many more facilities that help in the production of nuclear energy, as well as nuclear enrichment facilities. These enrichment facilities, which were publicly recognized by Iran in 2003 had been kept hidden for 18 years (Shenna 2010, 358) because it was in clear violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty that Iran had ratified in 1970 (Collina and others 2013, 33).
The enrichment process is vital in understanding the issues with Iran’s nuclear program, because it is key in the creation of a nuclear weapon. These facilities would provide Iran the capability to take low-enriched uranium (LEU) and convert it to highly enriched uranium (HEU) which could then be used in a nuclear weapon. Iran claims that it is using the enrichment process to create 20% enriched uranium to power the Tehran Research Reactor, but the amount of LEU that Iran has many concerned. As of November 2012, Iran has produced over 7,600 kilograms of LEU of which 137 kilograms had been enriched to 20% at the one site alone (Collina and others 2013, 4). This stockpile could be converted to create several cores for nuclear weapons and has many countries concerned.
The controversy over Iran’s stockpile of LEU and enrichment facilities has been the driving force behind the deliberations between Iran and the P-5+1 for the past 10 years. Iran claims that its program’s intentions are peaceful and that they have every right to nuclear energy. Iran continues to...

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