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Isreal And Palestine Conflict In The Film Occupation 101

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Occupation 101 covered the Israeli and Palestinians conflict, history of how the conflict began and how israel is occupying the palestinians in gaza and the west bank. It shows how the living conditions are for the palestinians with being occupied by the israeli army and goes in depth on how it affects them. They show how much aid is giving to israel from the USA and the amount of military support. They show the israel military shooting at palestinian kids with rubber bullets, the rubber bullets were a steel ball bearing wrapped in a small amount of rubber,They show a xray of a kid who got hit by the rubber bullet in the head and it penetrated his skull and killed him. They show how israel demolition the palestinians homes just so they can have that land to build israeli settlement. If you wanted to watch something that shows both sides of the conflict dont watch this cause it is very pro-palestinian

Ross Kemp Gaza Strip, Ross Kemp enters Gaza through the most secure border in the world as he drives through Gaza he shows the destruction of the buildings from israel after their 10 month stalemate israel launched a military campaign known as operation cast lead this conflict left 13 israeli soldiers and 1300 palestinians dead after this most of the building were destroyed because of it including 200 schools and 80 government buildings and hamas still remain intact.
Ross talks to a family and the dad talks about he would have breakfast with the israelis and have them over for dinner and worked for them, he said “we dont hate the israelis he just hate their government” in occupation 101 they make it seem like all israelis are bad people.
they show how much food and products have been smuggled in from under the kaneria border at very high prices, the only things they get from israel is milk,cheese,fruit and yogurt, most of the goods to smuggle cross cost 200% more and most of it comes from egypt.
In Gaza war and death is all around them the kids paint people killing other people on the wall and play with toy guns and shoot each other this is how the conflict affects them.

Peace,Propaganda,and the Promised Land, covered the US journalist point of view that entered the West Bank and Gaza it shows how much of the media and content gets filtered out by the israeli and US government before it can been seen in the USA it has to go through 4 filters which are owners of US media firms,political elites,israeli government PR...

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