Israel & Hezbollah: What Was The Problem Again?

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When Israel took their arms, the world froze in standstill. Israel's military muscle flexing against Lebanon was a display of reprisal against Hezbollah's kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers, and then the world was once again divided. Some criticized Israel's action to be disproportionate while the others claimed that Israel has its instinctive right to retaliate.The gory of war resonated instantly, even made worst by the enormous media coverage. The blow-by-blow report by media giants aided the unfolding of blatant imagery of death and despair. Children and women scurried into bomb shelters, lives stopped and fear swathed those who were innocent.I am never pro-Israel neither inclined to condone terroristic acts perpetrated by Muslim Extremist or Islamist. Although I seriously find it difficult to determine the significant difference between these groups, I still think that pure Islam would never, in any way, subscribes into killing innocent lives. So anyone who havocs hostility such as direct violent action against race, humanity or nation should be taken in a separate context. Besides, I am very unable to find significant justification for any form of senseless killing of civilians.However, it remained to be astonishing to me personally that many Arab countries espoused a feeling of ambivalence and double speak regarding the crisis. America was baffled with its stand regarding the issue, somehow unwilling to flaunt its obvious bias against Hezbollah (due to its known allies, i.e., Syria and Iran) but to no avail, the U.S. failed to conceal its partiality toward Israel, incredibly not surprising at all.U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice visited the Middle East to dip her toes into the rising uncertainty and indecisiveness of US in dealing the crisis. It was apparent that Rice called for a ceasefire, obviously as a result of the mounting pressure from other nations who perceived the crisis to be one-sided.The biggest obstacle inherent in solving the crisis was the unmistakable indifference by many nations toward terrorism. This subjected the world, especially the U.S., to an ultimate test of diplomacy and reasoning strewn over individual foreign policy. The position of the U.S. and its allies was a "make or break" demonstration of complexity in finding resolution intended to be mutual for Israel and Lebanon. I could only imagine how arduous was...

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