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Israel Keyes: Studying A Psychopath Essay

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Israel Keyes was born as the second oldest of nine on January 7, 1978 in Richmond, Utah. Keyes grew up in a Mormon household eventually moving to Washington and then ending in Maine only to reject his family’s religion resulting in him being kicked out. As a child, Keyes always carried a gun around with him, some of which were given to him by family members, specifically his grandfather ("Acting At Random"). Around the age of 19, Keyes enlists in the Army as a Specialist and works his way up only to leave on an honorable discharge after receiving a DUI and also after his first crime of abduction and rape of a young teenage girl between 1996 and 1998 (Noe). This is the beginning of Keyes’s journey of criminal behavior.
Keyes was never caught for the raping of the teenage girl and therefore he was able to continue committing other crimes. According to a blog called “Acting At Random,” his first murder was in 2001 of an unidentifiable couple. He also started dating a woman whom he had a child with later on and in 2006 committed his second murder claiming two more victims. In 2009 he needed to support his criminal activities, thus he began robbery, but still continued to murder by taking the lives of Bill and Lorraine Curriers. On February 1, 2012 Keyes abducted and murdered Samantha Koenig which caught the media’s attention that eventually lands him in prison due to surrounding cameras that caught his car on tape.
Israel Keyes was a very organized conventional criminal that was always thinking ahead of how he could benefit himself for future crimes. According to many posts in discussion week 6, students seemed to agree that conventional criminals are much more hands on and appear more threatening. Keyes fits this description very well. Some of his characteristics actually fit in those of a psychopath. For a start, he showed a lack of empathy for the crimes he committed. Many of his crimes involved the loss of life and others involved personal gain. Both involved a disregard for those he targeted. According to an article by Noe, he admitted during his interview that he would have killed again had he not been caught. He tortured both men and women before he would murder them. The only care he would show was the care to not get caught. By strategically placing what he called “murder kits” around in different towns all over the United States, with some in other countries including Canada, he was always prepared to strike again. Much of what we have learned from cases, lectures, and discussions was that most, if not all, psychopaths had this lack of empathy.
When Keyes was finally captured and incarcerated for the murder of Samantha Koenig, he went through various interviews to see what other crimes he had committed. He apparently kept calm and patient during each, but withhold information from investigators. These are more apparent behaviors that could be related to a psychopath. Eventually he told investigators that he would tell them where other...

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