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Israel's Covenant Essay

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As we look deep into scriptures we discover that there have already been various layered genres and numerous themes throughout scripture. We find out that the major event for the Hebrews is the Covenant; it is a huge literary testimony. Many redactors concentrate their work on the Covenant.
A covenant is defined as a binding agreement or bond between two parties and comes from the word berith; meaning to fetter or to bind. Many people become confused what a covenant is and is not. It is not a commandment or a contract and can be between two equals or two unequals. They appear as much more intimate than a contract, usually happening between a parent and child, or a husband and wife.
In ancient Eastern treaties the Hittite’s use it as a preamble. They list all the good’s a King has done for them and states the laws and obligations they must abide by. Their direction is to save the treaty and publicly read aloud and there after list the gods who have witnessed this action. After they receive their blessings and may also receive curses. Although this may seem the way to go, the Covenant at Sinai is different.
There have been many different times a covenant has been used in scriptures. We first see a covenant being formed between God and Noah in Genesis 9: 1-17, shortly after we see another one being formed between God and Abraham in Genesis 12: 1-9, 15: 1-21, 17: 1-27, and then finally concluding with the Covenant at Mt. Sinai; Exodus 19. Throughout the Sinai Covenant we see that the people are in distress, they...

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