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Since Israel’s beginnings in 1948 it has been involved in numerous conflicts and wars with its Arab allies. In the beginning it was for survival, as time moved on some could argue it was for land, more recently claims had been made that Israel’s airstrikes against Lebanon and military raids in Gaza have been to protect its citizens and interests in the name of national security, while others say it was warrantless act of aggression. In the past if Israel had felt threatened it would usually take what it deemed the necessary military action in order to protect herself. As mentioned before Israel has been involved in numerous conflicts, this paper will discuss a few of these conflicts. The discussion of what type of actions the United Nations (UN), took and how it was involved with Israel will be looked at. The result of these actions that other foreign nations or agencies took, most notably the UN will be researched, and how it has and currently effects Israel’s foreign relations with its neighbors, the world community, and its own people.
From the early days of Israel’s creation it was involved in a fight for its very own survival. Nearly every country has been to war at one point or another. Yet, not many have been at war as much as Israel. Also not many countries have fought for their own survival as much as Israel. Since its beginnings, Israel’s military has been on a constant state of high alert, due to constant war with many of the countries in the Arab region. Some of these hostilities are known as the Suez Canal Crisis, The Six-Day War, and The Yom Kippur War, 2006 Lebanon War, 2009 Gaza War. These are not all of the battles and wars Israel has been involved in, just short list. All of these wars involved Israel’s Arab neighbors.

The countries that would go to war with Israel; included such Arab nations such as Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and other countries around the region. “This first Arab Israeli War would lead to one of the first United Nations peacekeeping missions.” The UN would be involved in many more peacekeeping missions in region for decades to come and even still to this day.
Most recently in the twenty-first century Israel has been involved in conflicts with Lebanon and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The constant threat of war has contributed to a unique way that Israel carries on its foreign relations. The manner in which Israel has conducted relations with the world community has affected its relationship with such organizations as the United Nations, Arab League, and countries such as the United States and its western allies.
It was actually the first United Nations peacekeeping mission that resulted in the creation of the state of Israel. “The first actual UN peacekeeping operation, the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization in Palestine (UNTSO), was created in 1948 as a military observer mission in response to war between the Arabs and the Israelis, what is now known as the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.” The UN...

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