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Israel V. Palestine Essay

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The Israeli and Palestinian conflict has been an unwavering conflict that has plagued the world for longer than any can remember. I, myself am hopelessly torn on whether I am Pro-Palestine, or Pro-Israel. I find it difficult to make an informed and unbiased decision on the conflict with the two conflicting stories being relayed by the pro-Israel documentary as well as by the Pro-Palestine documentary. I feel as though it would be impossible for me to make a decision on the issue unless I was able to see for myself. I see both sides of the issue, and I sympathize with both sides on different points. The two documentaries that were shown were very different, telling conflicting stories, and ...view middle of the document...

” Dershowitz disputes the claims of many that the Jews were colonizing. He says that if you do not have your own state then you cannot colonize. He claims that the Jews were merely immigrating, with no ill will, and have purchased all their land legally. He states that they simply cannot colonize if they have no allegiance to a home country. Dershowitz claims that the Jews have lived in the land of Palestine since 1200 BC, and that they have found a rock dated back to that time with the name of a Jewish religious figure on it. He also argues that the land belongs to the Jewish because in the Jewish bible the word Jerusalem is mentioned upwards of 600 times and is never mentioned in the Quran.
Balfour was an English official who strongly favored the Zionist movement. He was a among a number of people who believed that if the Jewish people returned to their homeland there would be a second coming of Christ. English officials soon realized that giving the Jewish their homeland back would be no easy task. They appointed a leader in Palestine by the name of the Grand Mufti, in hopes that he would become pro-Zionist and support their movement. Instead he became fervently anti- Jew and anti- British. He was then exiled, and he found himself in Nazi Germany. There he became an avid supporter of the Nazi movement, which did not bode well for Palestine when Nazi Germany fell in the war. After the war footage of concentration camps was released across the world, which led to the...

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