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Israeli Turkish Relations Essay

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Israel and Turkey are two of the United States closest allies in the Middle East; so it is in our best interest that these two nations carry on cordially. However, after the Israeli attack of a Turkish humanitarian aide flotilla ship, Mavi Marmara, en route to Gaza, those relations have been strained, to say the least. A surprise apology from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan took place in 2013, but was is enough to mend the wounds that were created by the Israeli assault? On the surface, some would say that everything is back to normal, but my analysis leads me to believe otherwise. The events of 2010, and the succession of events after, have ...view middle of the document...

The Marmara continued to push that they had nothing aboard that was of threat to Israel or the IDF, that the blockade broke international laws, and that they had every right to go through. With that, Israeli forces began to surround the ship: first by sea, then by air. The Israeli soldiers boarded the Marmara and began firing off live-rounds at the passengers. They beat people to bloody pulps, and snipers from the helicopters kept shooting from the air. In all, 9 people were killed aboard the ship, and 54 were injured. Everything was caught on camera, but Israel, and the media, claimed the soldiers were acting in self-defense, and that the ship and passengers were ‘terrorists’ (Mavi Marmara: The Inside Story).
From there, a downward spiral of actions between Israel and Turkey set in action. Turkey expelled the Israeli Ambassador from Turkey after they refused to fess up to any wrongful acts aboard the Marmara. Just months after that, Israel withdrew a multimillion dollar contact with Turkey that supplied an intelligence system (Kershner). Israel also accused Turkey of supplying information to Iran about Israel that could be harmful to the security of the Israeli State. Communications between the once-allied states grew scarce.
After three years of tension between the two nations, the Obama Administration finally got Israel to agree to apologize for any wrong doings that took place aboard the Mavi Marmara. The US let out a sigh of relief as two of our closest allies, and the region’s best relationship, finally made amends (Rudoren and Landler). Or so we thought.
Just months after the reconciliation, Turkey revealed to Iran ten potential Iranians that were spying for Israel (Kershner). Israel immediately responded that the move was malicious, and put Israel in danger of...

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