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Issue Attention Cycle
In his essay “Race matters,” Cornell West discussed racial problems that the United States of America has been facing since the 20th century. From him being late to an appointment because taxis refused to allow him entry to the dropping of charges against four police officers who used unnecessary force to arrest a black man whom they had stopped while driving. I chose to address this particular topic because as a colored individual, I am prone to the misinterpretation and unfair classification of black people. Everyone is aware that America is facing serious racial issues yet not everybody acknowledges the problems. Even some leaders in the country turn a blind eye to what is going on instead of trying to solve it or at least try to interfere in what is going on. The essay “race matters” explains the racial issues and the consequences perfectly in a way I have never thought before. His interpretation of how liberals and conservatives each view black people was eye-opening because I always thought that those who are liberal do not have a prejudice against blacks. He also offered solutions that are worthy of the cause of changing the democracy of America and making it a multiracial democracy that welcomes and treats every individual equally.
The racial issues in America can be dated back to the slave and colonial era. The United States Federal government has addressed the issue multiple times, and events like the civil right movements reduced the gap between whites and people of color. However, the rise of racism has increased in these past years. The pre-problem stage of racism was in 1992 when police officers were allowed freedom even after evidence is against them that they participated in the beating of African American men because they had unreasonable suspicions about their behaviors. The government did nothing to get justice for the African American people and left the events in favor of the white police officers. Individuals were left to their plight which continued up until 2008. The Alarm, discovery & enthusiasm stage happened after the United States elected its first African-American president. Racial killings and bombings were happening almost everywhere in the United States. One of them was the murder of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman who was later acquitted. Another was the killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, by a white police officer. All these events brought to light the depth of racism in the United States and citizens affected turned to the federal government for solutions.
The cost realization stage is the understanding that the government will have to create new policies to stop what is happening and that...

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