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Issue Based Reasoning In Code Completion

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\section{Software Artifacts}
An artifact may refer to use cases document, class diagram, or other UML based
models; requirements and design document that can help describe the function,
architecture and design of software. Some artifacts are utilized to enhance the
process of development, such as risk assessment, business cases, project plans
etc. These documents are referred in issues, tickets, bug reports or
change requests as necessary, thus gaining important role in the analysis of
software repositories.

\section{Integrated Development Environment (IDE)}
An Integrated Development Environment or Interactive Development Environment is
a software tool specifically developed to ...view middle of the document...

It is a lightweight analysis as it does not involve processing the source
files or software artifacts, rather focuses on the metadata stored in software
repositories. Metadata can be about finding developer identities, relation
between bug and developer, software defects and fault prediction, completeness
of change log files, etc.

\subsection{Static Source Code Analysis}
This approach is used to gather facts and other information from source files
by going through different versions of a system. It also allows helping bug
finding and fixing. The goals of static source code analysis further involves
function usage patterns, incomplete re-factorings, interface and function
changes as well as communication via source code comments that are put to
explain complex control structures within the source code.

\subsection{Source Code Differencing and Analysis}
This approach is similar to Static Source Code Analysis considering that both of
these analyzes different source. This approach is used to associate the
different changes found in different versions of file. Moreover, it also allows
associating the changes to software artifacts that are changed within similar
chronological frame.

\subsection{Software Metrics}
This approach involves quantitatively measuring various aspects of software
products and projects. Metric parameters may involve size, cost, effort,
functionality, quality, efficiency and complexity. These are used to identify
information such as complexity of changes, identifying change prone
classes and instances, the type of changes and origins, complexity of the system
and relation between complexity of system and regularity of changes and
validation of defect detection.

Instead of providing information to user in the form of dataset or text files,
one goal of MSR is to create and provide interactive visual representation of
data to enhance cognition and to support the software maintenance and evolution
tasks of software engineers.

\subsection{Clone Detection}
In software project, similar textual , structural or semantic composition are
found. These are termed as clones. MSR may also target identifying these clones
to enable reusing of components.

\subsection{Information Retrieval}
This is the methodology for identifying the types of textual units and then
grouping or clustering those units based on similarity concepts. IR methods are
applied to solve software engineering problems such as traceability, software
reuse, component reuse and program comprehension. Metadata analysis, textual
content analysis of bug reports are often done in IR.

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