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Issue Of Gun Control Essay

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Violence levels in Canada are on a rise. Statistics Canada reports that approximately 60% of violent crimes are committed using guns, up from 40% a few decades ago. The number of gun-related crimes has risen by over 10% over the past 2 years. Every day, newspaper headlines and news shows on TV are filled with reports about violent crimes. One might ask why the increase, and the simple answer is lax gun control laws and mild punishment for illegal gun possession. If Canadians want to feel safer, they must deal with the core causes of the problem.Guns can be obtained quite easily by almost anyone. The process for obtaining a firearm is quite short - if they pass the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and their spouse or common-law partner sign an application, they are allowed to purchase a rifle, shotgun or handgun. Even if the legal method fails, people can ...view middle of the document...

The other 89% of gun owners have their guns for no useful purpose. The guns can easily get into the wrong hands, and to prevent this, people shouldn't own guns unless they absolutely have to.The other cause of excessive gun-related violence is the mild consequences for illegally possessing guns or using them in an improper fashion. The Canadian Firearms Act at fault here - people cannot get more than 10 years of jail time for illegally possessing guns or using them improperly (shooting in public places but not hurting anyone). Often, the sentence isn't anywhere close to that time - once, a man was found with 3 restricted handguns in his car - Colt 45, Browning .22 and a Glock 9mm (all fully loaded and with plenty of extra ammunition for each). He was in custody for 4½ months, waiting for trial. At the trial, the judge gave the man 3 days in jail - 1 for each gun possessed. This is really unfair - most cases of people failing to register their guns have resulted in jail sentences of 5 years, while this man was found with 3 restricted handguns in his car and he was given only 3 days in jail.Several countries have less firearm-related incidents than Canada, such as Britain, in which there is less than 1 death per 100,000 in violent crimes. In Canada, the rate is almost double of that - 1.9 deaths per 100,000. The law in Britain completely bans all handguns. It seems that it is quite effective - the crime rate is evidently very low.I believe that it should be a lot harder to obtain a gun for anyone and that the punishment for illegally owning guns or owning illegal guns should be harsher - at least 15 years in jail. People should realize what they're doing when they're breaking the law, and they should feel the consequences for years to come. Such irresponsible people should be kept off the street for the public's safety. Canada would be much safer than it is now if new restrictions were implemented on guns and if the consequences were made to last for gun-related crimes.

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