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“Jeon Wook-pyo, now 68, was among 25 crewmen aboard two fishing boats captured by North Korea in the Yellow Sea in 1972. He escaped North Korea in August 2013 and returned to South Korea September the same year” (BBC13). In the current status with North Korea some people do not know why there is conflict between North Korea and the rest of the world, or as to what they did to enrage the world. The big problem with North Korea is that, in accords with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, they have violated many of the basic rights of the individual. Some of these violations are directly in conflict with South Korea and threatening to the surrounding countries. Which may lead to war between two or more of the neighboring countries. “In a worst-case scenario, Korea's uneasy peace could shatter, spilling war across the peninsula, with millions killed, and then possibly on to China, Japan, and beyond, pushing the world toward possible nuclear war.” (Korea's DMZ: Dangerous…)

An effective way that North Korea could be dealt with without offending many countries in the process would be a covert operation organized by the United Nations to get in to North Korea and help from the inside going out. This would mean inciting a revolution within North Korea that would require outside assistance from external sources to supply troops and civilians who joined the cause. A large amount of the population has been put through labor camps and defected to a surrounding country meaning that we could enlist their help to discover camps to be liberated. These camps have been used by the Kim dynasty for years to crush political dissent. Amnesty believes they have been in existence since the 1950s. (HancocksCNN)

With enough petition votes we could possibly have state representatives take the ideas of their respective states up to the President to be discussed upon. If the President agrees to the ideas then he would be able to take the plan to the United Nations for further discussion and possible action. If the motion is passed and the majority of the United Nations agree that something should be done the next part would be to work out negotiations to ensure that no opposing countries would attempt to warn North Korea or side against the United Nations causing more violence than needed. Once this was done the basics of the plan would be discussed with all nations to ensure that it would cause outrage in other nations. The basic idea of the operation would be to sneak into North Korea and incite a revolution at every hard labor camp in order to carve a path to the capital and other key points.

The next step to putting the plan in to action afterwards would be to first hold a convention or meeting by trusted United Nations representatives that could be trusted to not leak information of the meeting to North Korea or opposing nations. After that would be choosing military members of each respective nations who would be most qualified for this type...

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