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Issue Of Policy In Business And Finance Studies Kewi Business

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The Policy for National Security in the US
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The Policy for National Security in the US
The issue being presented in this paper is about the policy for national security in the United States and it happened to have been designed to for protecting the citizens’ security in overall. together with that of the military and also the security of non-military. This essay highlights how the nation of US has tried to foster its strategy for its own security. The issue being presented is about how the national policy for security in the United States of America became more prominent after the Second World War. The policy was related to the general survival of the state where it involved building the military power so as to defend itself against its own enemies. The policy was important because it would help the US to attain an environment that was secure for its citizens so as to continue growing its political and economic status. Kennan (1951) highlighted that the policy was important since it would help achieve back the normalcy that used to exist.
What is the short answer to the issue? This is a summary of both your conclusions and any recommendations you may make in the paper.
Need for the Policy
The United States of America used to be safe from the year 1900, but moving towards the 1950’s, the security generally deteriorated. Kennan (1951) uses his experience to make an analysis and find out the reasons as to why this security of the US was indeed deteriorating. He affirms that the US’s security used to have a relationship that was directly balanced with that of Asia together with that of Europe. Given the fact that there was turmoil in several nations of the Middle East such as Vietnam and also in some parts of Europe, the security of the US was not paramount anymore and this had to change for the better.
What is the background of the issue? In a short summation, provide some historic background and policy background to the issue. Consider what is important for the reader to know about the issue.
The US therefore coined a good foreign policy to cater for its security needs. According to Kennan (1951), the problems that were there with the foreign policy for US’s security in the 1950’s were being brought about by the liberal stand the US had. The US decided to make an adoption of a liberal approach to the foreign policy it had that during the fast half of the twentieth century forgetting to take into account power politics. If it had taken any consideration of this nature into account, there would have been a multipolar system that is balanced in the region of Europe hence bringing about a situation that would be ideal in the sense of being peaceful and safe for the US (Kennan, 69)....

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