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Issue Of Poverty As A Whole In Pakistan

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One example of just how bad this is is by looking at the situation of Talib Hussain. Hussain had “borrowed money to start a livestock business but it folded” (Conway) . This means that when he tried to start the business he had used up the money that was lended to him. Now he didn’t have any way to pay back the creditors who gave him the money. Now he didn’t know what to do. During this time, “One creditor after another threatened to call the police if he didn’t pay up. When the pressure became unbearable, he walked to of his thatch-roofed mud hut house early one morning, wrapped his tunic around his neck and hung himself from a tree”(Conway) .
As horrible as this seems to be, some critics are still not convinced that with these statistics in Pakistan and with Mr. Hussain’s suicide that this is not enough to say that this is a huge issue. They say that it was Mr. Hussain’s fault for not paying the money and that he should’ve been more responsible with how he conducted the business negotiations. But what many forget to recognize is that this man didn’t have that much in the beginning. He lived in a small hut and he needed to borrow money because he didn’t have it. But if that’s still not enough to help the case of severe poverty in Pakistan, here is another example of how bad it is.
Just last year in the fall season, there was a report in Pakistan that a group of sisters had jumped into a river and died of drowning. The river itself is considered very deep and from the report, they couldn’t swim. They were also known to live in poverty with their father. Now this may not sound like a suicidal story at first just from the main report. But here is the evidence to prove it.
“According to Saddar SHO Anwar Baloch, the poverty-stricken sisters, hailing from Himbalwala area of Mailsi tehsil came to Mailsi syphon and jumped into the river together. All the five deceased were unmarried and were passing through critical financial situation due to low income of their father Bashir Ahmed, a laborer” (Pakistan Today) . What this relates back to is the issue of women not being able to fully receive access into the workplace. Because of that fact, they all couldn’t afford to get their own places to live and had to live with their father who was the only source of income. It is unknown what their father did as a laborer but because of their apparent suicide, it was not bringing in enough income for the family. Yet despite this story, the government and the president of Pakistan continue to deny these issues and still don’t consider poverty to be the big issue in Pakistan as it once was.
Now that all the causes and effects have been pointed out, no one can deny that poverty in Pakistan is not an issue in the nation. Still, the big question that stems from this analysis and information is a simple one. How can Pakistan resolve this issue or at least make it less of a problem for everyone. Luckily there are some theories and ideas that may work in the...

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