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The United States Government takes uppermost control in regards to regulating American businesses. The Government has had a strong hand recently in trying to keep large corporations running by giving them bailouts as they did in 2008. I understand the intentions are to keep firms functional in rough times, and keeping thousands of employees with jobs at the same time. However, many of these businesses hire mostly part time employees because of the legal benefits full time employees earn that cost company’s money to the government. In addition, the United States Government regulates international trade as if it is a bad thing for our economy, but without international trading restraints businesses could possibly be operating at record levels. So do Government regulations interfere with how big corporations are operated?
I chose this topic because of its importance in today’s lackluster economy, hoping to find a reason for the recession we are facing with currently. Secondly, I decided to go with this issue because I care about where our country is going in aspects to the economy. I have worked for a company and my work has been undervalued, so I want to see our economy run efficiently thus find the problems that need to be addressed in order for that to happen. Recently, this past summer I worked for a billion dollar corporation that had numerous laws apply to them that urged the company to list me as a part time worker instead of a fulltime worker, so they would not be obliged to owe me benefits, which would cost the company more money. Also, with the unemployment rate as high as it is I feel with less government regulation restraints that we could be better off. Consequently, if we figured out if the strict laws businesses face in order to protect them actually hurt them; we as a nation would have an edge on solving our economic anguishes.
Over the last couple of years I have learned how important large firms are because of the plethora of employees they hire and the services they provide others. In recent...

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