Issue Related To Global Warming Global Warming Affects Food Production In Australia High School Essay

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Issue related to Global warming
Global warming affects food production in Australia
Food is one of society's key sensitivities to climate. Changes in the world's climate will bring major shifts in food production. In some places, temperatures will rise and rainfall will increase; in others, rainfall will decrease. In addition, coastal flooding will reduce the amount of land available for agriculture. In generally, food crops are sensitive to climate change and it affects to both meat and plant.
Climate change is driving an increase in the intensity and frequency of hot days and heatwaves in Australia, changing rainfall patterns, increasing the severity of droughts, and driving up the likelihood of extreme fire danger weather. That’s directly affectation to an animal living. An area for their livelihoods is decreasing. Some kind of animal can not survive in the same place. Actually, there is some reason requesting people reduce their consumption of meat is taken as a personal affront to their very being. Humans have been eating animals for so long, and in such large quantities. Clearly, our dependence on fossil fuels has to change but it is quite remarkable that we actually consider restructuring our entire energy system as an easier and more viable undertaking than simply altering our food habits.
Furthermore, Vegetables are in general more sensitive to environmental extremes such as high temperatures and soil moisture stress. CO2, a major greenhouse gas, influences growth and development as well as incidence of insect...

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