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Issues And Challenge Essay

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Issues and Challenges
• Financial of organization

Nowadays, “World Food Programmed” is the biggest charity organization in the world. They are purchased more than 2 million metric tons of food every year. In fact, World Food doesn’t same as other charity organization. They didn’t have business is under their organization. All the money are came from donations. Besides that, they still have to paid their employees and staff salary, and the fees of maintain this organization.

Solution: I suggested World Food organization try to operating business to gain more money or profit. If successes, World Food doesn’t needed relay donations from donors. They might can used these money they earned, and ...view middle of the document...

• Attractive of website

If you visited website of World Food, you will know their website is not too attractive as like your imagine. World Food website contain a lot of words with little graphic and video. It can cause visitors “woody”. At the same time, it is too details explain how they worked and help refugees from disaster.

Solution: I suggestion World Food should really needed to modify entire webpages of their website. In website, they may trying insert more animation, graphic and video, which can attracted visitors, and make them more understand.

• No user manual service

For those visitors who is first visit this website, they have no idea how to use the function of this website. For example those donors which to donate money, but they didn’t know where should need to go. Finally, it will cause visitors or donors leave this charity website with 5-10minutes.

Solution: I suggested this website should add in user manual function , or interactivity function. Visitors can ask questions while the moment they don’t really how to using it.

Concept of Website

Promoting and advertising not only the way attracted people visiting the website. In addition, the designing of website also rolling important element.

The current website of World Food Programme is contain media elements, which means including text, graphic, video and flash. From our analysis, their website is too “woody” and lack of attractive. Hence, there have some picture supported those text in every webpage. Visitor easier understood what the webpage trying to explanation. However, it’s hard to ask visitor read the text one by one.
Besides that, a good website have to contain six elements, which is text, sound, graphic, video, animation, and interactivity. From here, there have few solutions can bring back the number of visitors, and amount of donations:
• Little text but meaningful

From above paragraph I already mentioned text will bring woody feeling for those visitors and donors. So, I suggested try minimum the number of words, and write something which visitors can understanding in 30seconds with easier.

• Graphic as more as possible

Except text explanation, graphic cannot be less too. Graphic or photo can make visitors more understanding the situation of reason why need their donations. For example Philippian Typhoon Haiyan, World Food should upload more photos about that disaster, and describe how unfortunately of Philippian refugees. In the same way, visitors can believed is really happened through these photos.

• Video bring much explanation

For those visitors or donors who are lazy or not free to reading, I suggested World Food should upload some Philippian Typhoon disaster video on their website. Besides that, nothing is better than you see. Video is the most powerful evidence that can proofing to visitors. Besides that, visitors can watch from video knowing the serious of Philippian Typhoo.

• Animation and sound make more attractive

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