Issues Behind Illegal Immigration Essay

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Why should illegal immigration be focused on by effort to restructure U.S. borders? Illegal immigration is an American concern. Our borders are dangerously open to aliens and the population continues to grow which can cause overpopulation in the United States. Illegal aliens weaken the national security of America. This can effectively create a cover for terrorists and criminals. Also, illegal immigrants are causing unemployment. Many citizens and illegal aliens are competing for jobs, but because the undocumented immigrants are available for tougher jobs with lower wages, the companies are hiring them causing the citizens to lose their opportunities. Because of illegal immigration, U.S. is less protected and the borders need to be secured.
Many unauthorized migrants enter the country illegally. As time has gone on there continues to be many ways that immigrants cross the border in order to get into the United States. Immigrants trying to get into the boarder have many different locations they enter through. Between twelve and twenty million people living in the United States are residing illegally (Kellee, 1). If this number continues to grow, the U.S. could become over populated and can cause other problems. Efforts need to focus primarily on keeping our boarders secure so that number goes down and stays down.
Immigrants are available for lower wages, no matter the condition because it is one of the many reasons that they would come to this country, along with other reasons such as economic, political, social and environmental reasons. In order to keep what they came here for they still need to work like a citizen even though they are illegal. By staying economically...

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