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Issues In Corrections Essay

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Prison was designed to house and isolate criminals away from the society in order for our society and the people within it to function without the fears of the outlaws. The purpose of prison is to deter and prevent people from committing a crime using the ideas of incarceration by taking away freedom and liberty from those individuals committed of crimes. Prisons in America are run either by the federal, states or even private contractors. There are many challenges and issues that our correctional system is facing today due to the nature of prisons being the place to house various types of criminals. In this paper, I will address and identify three major issues that I believe our ...view middle of the document...

California the largest state in the nation by population has a state prison system that is critically over-saturated, leading the state to spend $315 million in the next year to pay for private beds for its overflow.” We need to find a way to reduce the costs and budget related to prisons because as far as I am concerned, the country is economically unstable.
Second, I would like to address on the issue that has been challenging prison nationwide which is gangs in prisons. Prison gangs pose significant threats to our correctional system and staffs especially violence threats. In prison settings, gangs are typically separated based on races and ethnicities. In addition, gangs are structured and organized with ranks and chain of command similar to those in the military or law enforcement. According to (Fleisher & Decker, 2001), “Prison gangs, like some street counterparts, have a creed or motto, unique symbols of membership, and a constitution prescribing group behavior. Absolute loyalty to one’s gang is required (Marquart & Sorensen, 1997), as is secrecy (Fong & Buentello, 1991). Violent behavior is customary and can be used to move a member upward in the prison hierarchy. Prison gangs focus on the business of crime generally through drug trafficking. Such crime groups have an interest in protecting their membership.” (p.3). One of the stunning facts that I found to be interesting about prison gangs is their abilities to control and continue the operations of the gang even outside the prison. Inmates decided to join up with gang for various reasons, whether it is the intimidation created by gangs or the needs of protection however, I believe that prisons and prisoners need to be under the control of the prison guards and staffs. Regardless of the reason, the prison gangs’ issues need to be corrected.
The last issue that I would like to address is the issue of illegal drug uses inside the prison. Theoretically, prisons are supposed to be a controlled environment however, the issues of illegal drugs are presenting inside the prison walls. According to the article ("Drugs inside prison walls - Washington Times", 2010), “Roughly 1,000 “drug incidents” seizures of marijuana, heroin and other drugs are reported annually at...

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