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Issues In Math Pedagogy Essay

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Ask almost any student what they think of math class and their answer will be quite similar, “I do not like it because it is too hard.” Mathematics has a negative image by people of all different ages because many people think of it as making a simple thing complicated, but the reality of the situation is mathematics makes life much easier. Negative thoughts about math can also come from poor math teachers, weak curriculum, or one bad experience ruining the fun of mathematics for many individuals.
Being that the subject of mathematics is so complicated it takes an efficient teacher to be able to successfully teach students the correct steps in solving mathematical equations. Teaching math cannot be done successfully by reading some vocabulary words, filling in the blanks on a worksheet, and then taking a quiz, mathematics needs to be taught in ways were students get to explore problems and follow the necessary steps to solve the problem. Most importantly students need practice in math and that can be done in many different ways. Many teachers today think and teach the same way to all of their students, ignoring their individual ways of learning. “Teachers need to employ strategies that will help them develop the participation essential to engaging students in mathematics.” (National). It is also a proven fact that students tend to learn more and have higher participation when they work in groups. Effective teachers in the classroom will provide students with opportunities to work independently and collaboratively to make sense of the math curriculum in which they are learning. (Anthony & Walshaw, 2012). By working in groups students can ask questions to their peers as the arise and the students take more responsibility in their work if they are working together rather than having the teacher lecture and make them stare at the board for an hour. Teachers also need to be flexible when teaching their students because not all students are engaged the same way and they need to come up with different ways to teach their students if they do not understand the concept.
Not only are teachers not providing the best ways to transfer information to their students, not all teachers have be correctly taught or are not prepared to teach their students. According to Courtney Frie, teacher at Minneota Public School, teachers can fail their math assessment and still be licensed to teach mathematics to students. The state is working hard to make sure that all teachers are licensed and have received the necessary education before they even step foot in the class room. “Some schools are in such a pinch that they will hire teachers even though they have not passed all the required tests. The state does not approve of it, as they shouldn’t, and they are getting new licensure laws in place to make sure that will no longer happen.” (Frie).If students are going to be successful the teachers need to know what they are teaching and how to properly educate their...

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