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Issues In Multicultural Education Essay

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Children that have emigrated from other countries such as Mexico, Brazil, or Spain naturally speak Spanish because that is the language they were raised with. As these students begin attending school here in America they struggle in the classroom due to their lack of understanding. This issue was the basic foundation for the creation of English Language Learner programs in the United States. The National Education Association has been working to engage in research and programs to reduce this learning gap in the country (NEA, n.d.). The problem is, many parents in this area, the West Valley of Phoenix, Arizona, do not speak, or struggle with, English so naturally they use Spanish at home. ...view middle of the document...

English learning classes could be provided for the student and parent together so the child can see that their mother and/or father wants to be a valid part of the educational process. On top of classes, it is important that teachers, and the educational system as a whole, continue to support the student as they struggle through the learning process. According to the National Center on Secondary Education and Transition:
“Family involvement is one of the most important contributors to school completion and success. The most accurate predictor of a student’s school achievement is the extent to which his/her family encourages learning,” (Parent Brief, 2006).
This idea is the core thought behind joint classes for both students and parents because they can work together to learn the language and the student will feel the support and encouragement from his/her parents.
After school or night classes will require bilingual volunteers to stay and help those willing to learn. Volunteers are important so the parents and/or individuals participating in the class will not have to be charged. A program such as this one would also require a place to hold the seminars, such as a classroom, auditorium, or library, preferably a centrally located building so anyone interested in participating can easily get to the class. Local companies and the school itself could advertise these classes to anyone interested in learning English whether they have a child attending the school or not. These classes should be open to the public so everyone has an equal...

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