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Issues In The U.S. Education System

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In the United States, both private and public schools provide Education. Most public or rather nearly all public schools are funded by the federal and local government, while private schools are privately funded. It is very clear that that there is a serious problem with the current Educational system in the United States. There are many problems, and not one that is hindering intelligent minds in our state from realizing their full potential, because of the way the current educational system works. Several intelligent students are forced to bear with all these problems and this affects their academic performance. This paper will cover some issues in the U.S. education system as well as providing some solutions for those issues. In addition, it will shed light on the educational reform in American society.
The first main concern in the U.S. Education System is the way access to education varies by geographic location, race, gender, and class. Race matters a lot in the education system of the United States. Students from a certain race are allowed to attend the best schools since they can afford the tuition fee. In the United States, people with more education tend to enjoy higher economic status, power, prestige, and levels of income. There is a gap between the educational system of the people with class and those without class. Therefore, people from the upper class take their children to expensive private schools in order to get quality education, and to continue enjoying prestige and power kin future.
In some areas, the best high schools are private high schools that may be out of reach for poorer students who cannot afford the tuition. In the US, the basic types of schools available are private and public schools. Many students in the US study in public schools, since private schools demand certain tuition fee which is unaffordable to many. In the United States, the rich are always favored in the education system because, they are able to access the best educational opportunities in private high schools whereas the poor cannot afford these schools. It is hard for middle to low income students to access quality education in the American educational system since the government support to them is insufficient.
Dropout rates are higher in certain locations and among minorities. Many students in poorer urban and rural areas are dropping out of school before even high school graduation. The majorities enroll in public schools and most of them drop out due to financial problems, especially those from poor districts. The drop out rate of students living in poverty is at very high rates, since they are unable to focus on learning while their household is struggling with poverty and on a hungry stomach. Moreover, schools suppress students by forcing them into a compliance-based mode of education. This makes students feel like they are in a prison instead of a school and they are forced to drop out.
There is a great distinction between the access to...

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